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Feedreader readers, please ignore — I’m just inserting this page into the archives, making room for a new permanent pagelink at the top of my blog for Paget’s Disease.  Much as I love community linky love and awards, I think it’s more important to keep that accessible than this.

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Blog Bling and Internet Awards — I treasure each, but had to move them off my front page so the site would load faster. Thank you all — and I’ll do my best to pass them on!

June 2007 Perfect Post Awards


Perfect Post Award for August 2007

perfectpostoct07 from Lindsay from Lindsay at Petroville

perfectpostoct07 fom Esme from Esme

nov07pp from Miscellaneous Adventures of An Aussie Mum

Julie Pippert at Using My Words gave me the new Bloggers with Integrity award earlier this week, “for so many reasons…her IBC awareness program, her touching and honest writing, and the beauty she shows us.”




Tired Mummy Deb wrote an absolutely beautiful post when she gave me the Inspirational Blogger. She took my breath away. But then, her writing often does.




banafrom Jessica at A Hug Around the Neck

youblessedmefrom The Dairy Wife




nice matters





courageous blogger

BlogHer '07 I'm<br>  Going in Second Life

Laugh with me!

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