New year and new friends

We’re spending the New Year quietly at home so far.  Each of the boys has had their turn with 102-103′ fevers, vomiting, and other nasty symptoms.  I’ve so far escaped getting sick, surprisingly, and am so grateful for that.  Basically, each morning I tuck WhyDaddy and whichever boy is sick at the time into bed and spend the day downstairs with the other one.  I’ve gotten a great deal of cleaning and picking up done, and taking care of my boys to boot.  (The sick ones are easy.  Water and Gatorade every hour or two, and offers of food, which are quickly refused.  An 11 month old healthy baby is a little more demanding!)  I’ve even gotten out to the store twice with Little Bear to get necessary supplies (medicine, gatorade, and crackers). 

Isn’t it funny — of everyone in the house, I’m the only one who is healthy!

It’s so nice to be able to take care of my boys again.

Oh, and the new friends?  I’d like to introduce you to Nancy, who has been crocheting chemo caps for the cancer folks at The Wellness Community — she has a great web site with her designs and completed projects at Crocheting Creativity.  Also Judy at Just Enjoy Him, who got an IBC diagnosis last week.  She’s got a 6 year old boy, and we’re talking offline too.  And one more — Angela fom Laudat, who many of you know, but I don’t think I ever told you I met in person!  It was so cool to meet her at The Wellness Community a few weeks ago, and then again a couple weeks later.  We had a great time talking, and I hope to see her again soon!

Next week I’m going out with the DC Metro Moms.  I’m all nervous … what (hat) will I wear?


15 Responses to New year and new friends

  1. Oh, I’m so sorry that the boys are sick, but you’re right, things are calmer that way, LOL!

  2. clifford says:

    Welcome, new folks. You got here just in time to witness the victory lap.

  3. MammaLoves says:

    No hats necessary for us. Only feel the need if it’s to keep your beautiful head warm.

    I took a blogging break, so I’m late to wish you congrats on the end of chemo. Though I’ve been away you haven’t left my thoughts. I can’t wait to meet you in person!!!

  4. NYfriend says:

    Hope everyone is feeling better soon, the flu is noooo fun!

  5. Ardythe says:

    You don’t have to go out in the cold to go to the store! CALL ME!

  6. mummycha says:

    I am sorry that to hear that your family is sick, but also very happy that you are in great shape and can take care of them!

  7. Linda Lawrence says:

    I wish I was closer and could bring you some soup or something. Keep well!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Linda

  8. Stella says:

    I’m so sorry that the boys are sick but I think it’s great that you have the energy to take care of them. And you’re not sick!!!

  9. magpie says:

    Hope EVERYONE in your house is better soon.

  10. Dear AL says:

    Hope your boys get well soon! And as for clothes, I can’t help you there. Wifey picks my wardrobe.

    Just kidding… really!

  11. jj says:

    So sorry the boys are sick.

    So happy you are feeling so well.

    Hugs to you and your beautiful boys.

  12. justenjoyhim says:

    Hey, thanks for the shout-out. Some really cool chicks are visiting my ‘hood. 🙂

    I already feel better.

  13. SuzyQatHome says:

    Wow. Why is it that they always all get sick at [roughly] the same time. I’m so happy to hear that everything is going well otherwise.

    The last couple of posts are so full of energy and excitement – I can tell how much better you’re feeling just from your writing.

  14. mo-wo says:

    I so glad to hear you’re the healthy one for a change. Long may it be thus.

  15. Jenn says:

    I vote for your brightest one.

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