A sunny afternoon

The little boys and I spent the afternoon by ourselves today, playing in the back yard, having a picnic, raking leaves (it’s a big yard, people!), and generally having ourselves a good giggle.  Widget went to preschool for the first time (this time) today, and Little Bear learned to climb up the ramp to the redwood playset.  We topped the day off with a little hide-and-seek, where Widget did the ol’ around-the-tree trick for the first time.

Both my boys are both growing by leaps and bounds, but not too fast — after lunch, each of them needed their mommy to read to them and put them to sleep.  It was delicious.

The reason I’m looking forward to surgery today?

– Because there are many more afternoons to enjoy with my baby boys.



14 Responses to A sunny afternoon

  1. only two weeks now! fantastic!

  2. Counting the days, right along with you, Whymommy!

    xo CGF

  3. What a great afternoon! Only two weeks left–hooray!

  4. NoRegrets says:

    It’s nice there’s been good weather for you to enjoy. And you have energy to enjoy it!

  5. Gidge says:

    Yay you’re almost there! I’m so jealous about you guys girls night out – it sounds like you had a wonderful time!

  6. hotfessional says:

    Two weeks. Yay!!!!!

  7. juliepippert says:

    Sounds like a wonderful afternoon.

    And 14 days…clean margins!

  8. motherofbun says:

    Sounds like a prety great day. YEAY you guys.

  9. Ally says:

    Amen sister! There are so many more wonderful days and years ahead of you, and I can’t wait to hear about them all!

  10. Giggles with the kids make any day a great day. I’m glad you enjoyed yourself so much.

  11. 14 is my favourite number. So extra sweet that you had such a lovely day!

  12. Stella says:

    counting down!!
    I have to tell you 22 is my lucky number so you’ll have that extra bit of oomph on 1/22!
    Thinking of you

  13. nichole3 says:

    My daughter ordered me a special kit of things to help masectomy patients. It has all kinds of goodies. Little pillows, a special bandage kit, men’s sleeveless t-shirts to hold the bandages on. It just came to late for me to benefit from. My daughter and I are looking for someone who could use it. I think we could get it to you in time. Let me know.

  14. clifford says:

    It is time for teh rock. Oooh, and pizza.

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