A night away

footprintsWonderDaddy whisked me away this weekend for a night of recuperation away from the kids, the house, and my worries.  He drove us down to Chincoteague Island, a summer place that is beautiful even in the middle of winter.  We stayed at an incredible B&B in a room that had its very own glassed-in turret, complete with telescope and binoculars with which to stargaze.  The morning we left, we sat up there and watched it quietly begin to snow. 

We had planned to go to the beach that day, to walk along the sand together.  We wanted to hear the surf and see the sun glint off the waves.  To duck as the seagulls swarmed around us, and to feel the shells crunching under our feet.  But, that morning, it snowed. 

We went anyway.  We drove into Assateague National Wildlife Refuge, peered into the woods to see if we could catch a glimpse of the wild ponies, and enjoyed our trip along the marshes, watching the herons stalk across the grasses in search of something to eat.  We walked on the beach in the snow.  We listened to the surf, and we saw the sun glint off the waves.  The seagulls did dip down to visit us, and the shells crunched under our boots.

The footprints quietly filled with snow.

But instead of being frustrating, it was beautiful.  It was a night away from our worries, and it was simply beautiful.


Reasons number 2 and 3 why I’m looking foward to surgery on Tuesday: more time with WonderDaddy, the love of my life.



18 Responses to A night away

  1. justenjoyhim says:

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. Ally says:

    Ahh. This post is so sweet I want to lick my computer screen. Seriously, what you and WhyDaddy have goin’ on is awesome. Glad you had a good weekend enjoying eachother and the beauty of the earth!

  3. MammaLoves says:

    He’s a wonderful guy indeed, but you deserve no less.

    I got my boxing gloves on and I’m ready for this week. I’ll be virtually knocking cancer it on its ass for you.

    Warm, peaceful (and feisty) wishes to you my friend. We’re all behind you.

  4. motherofbun says:

    Tis always good to get a night away — to reconnect with the honey. Sounds like an awesome time.

    Thinking of you LOTS and LOTS and LOTS this week!

  5. Kat says:

    What a sweet post and an awesome photo! I’m praying for you!


  6. How heavenly. I’m so glad you had this much-deserved time together!!

    Thinking of you today, and every day. Two days and counting!!

    xoxo CGF

  7. Ooooh I am so jealous! Sounds wonderful.

    2 days? 2 DAYS!!!! OMG!!!! It’s 2 days away already???

  8. clifford says:

    Glassed-in turret room. Jealous.

  9. what a phenomenal photo. two days! I’m amazed. You are one tough cookie, sweet mama. What a road. I just can’t believe it’s here.

    🙂 thinking of you.

  10. how wonderful. and that second picture is stunning.

    i’ll be thinking about you nonstop this week.

  11. tansiekman says:


    How wonderful for you. What a great memory you’ll have to share.

    You’re in my prayers and on my heart. We’re all behind you lifting you up.

    The Dairy Wife

  12. mo-wo says:

    He’s really a WonderHusband too; isn’t he?

  13. Mama DB says:

    That sounds like such a lovely trip and the photos are beautiful.

    Only one more day now.

    Thinking of you. Wishing for a speedy recovery.


  14. Emily says:

    You will be in my heart tomorrow.

  15. margaret says:

    Good luck tomorrow!

  16. Bon says:

    shivers because this is so lovely.

    tomorrow is the big day. i have amazing respect for the attitude with which you’ve counted down these days, Susan…honest but positive, counting blessings.

    soon the snow will fill in the footprints of these hard days with healing.

  17. Lauren says:

    I love it there. Sadly, we haven’t been back there for years. I hope it is still small townish because that was definitely part of the charm.

    What a great place for him to take you!

    Good luck tomorrow.

    I look forward to hearing that it all went perfect.

  18. Vanessa says:

    Delurking to tell you that I’ve been thinking about you all weekend, and I wanted to wish you all the best tomorrow. Sending many prayers and warm hugs your way…. and looking forward to hearing from you when you’re back on your feet after the surgery!

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