When I started this series of posts on reasons I’m looking forward to surgery tomorrow, the double mastectomy that will remove my cancer and give me better odds against recurrence, I first thought, oh no, what I have I done?  How on earth will I come up with 15 more reasons to look forward to a surgery so painful and disfiguring?  But the truth is, I’ve got reasons left unused.  Reasons left unsaid.  There are so many reasons I want to live, and here are just a few important ones I never even got to write about adequately:

– Because I want to spend more time with my friends in MOMS Club, getting to know each other better as people, not just as moms of kids the same age and facing the same issues;

– Because, as Sandie reminds me, there are friends yet to meet;

– Because Spring is coming, and I want to enjoy the forsythia, the fresh air, and the clear blue sky;

– Because I want to see my faraway friends again, and to hold Little Bird, about to become the newest member of the universe;

– Because I miss my sense of taste, and I want to be reminded of the joy of eating my favorite pasta dishes, a taco, and pancakes with syrup;

– Because it will be so much easier to exercise, and I do enjoy it now and again;

– Because my hair will grow back, and I am curious to see what color;

– Because I want to live life without pain for a while;

– Because I want to start fostering dogs again, and relieve their pain and lonliness by giving them a place to live, enough to eat, and a friendly belly rub when they’re ready;

– Because there are books left to read;

– Because my children will surely surprise me;

– Because my husband and I promised to grow old together;

And the number one reason that I’m looking forward to surgery tomorrow, January 22?  Me.  I had a good time away this weekend, and some days I just like being me.  I’d like to be me some more, please.


We were at Wallops Island, part of Goddard Space Flight Center, this weekend. As tourists.


Thank you for all your prayers, well wishes, positive thoughts, healing energies, and everything else.  I am going into surgery confident, strong, and with the knowledge that I am not alone.  You have come through for me.  You have encouraged me and given me strength when I did not feel strong.  Thank you for being there for me.  Thank you for being my friends.  I have one thing left to write and post before my surgery – a short account of the story of how this all came to be.  I’ll leave it up while I’m in the hospital, and WonderDaddy or Stimey will post updates on my condition as comments to tomorrow’s post.  Thank you all.  For everything.

Please pray for me one more day — for strength.  For healing.  But most of all for clean margins — that the surgeon can remove all the cancer from my body successfully.  It’s the only thing I need.


330 Responses to Tomorrow

  1. FENICLE says:

    I will keep you & your family in my thoughts & prayers tomorrow…and in the days to come.

    You have such a positive outlook and I know that will impact how well you do.

    Best wishes!

  2. Robin says:

    Holding you close in my heart, today, tomorrow and every day.

  3. Amy says:

    I can’t wait to read all about your full and complete recovery!

  4. thordora says:

    You remind me so much of my mother-your strength, the necessary bravery, your hope….

    be strong. You’ll come out fine on the other end.

  5. you are going to rock this, you know, as you’ve rocked every other thing that’s come your way in the last six months.

  6. Love you, Whymommy.

    One more big ((((HUG))))

    from my 3 girlies and me

    We couldn’t be prouder… happier… more thankful that tomorrow is almost here!! And YOU will be here, for many, many more wonderful years to come!!

  7. SarahK says:

    You will be in my thoughts tomorrow. I read religiously, I just never venture outside of Google Reader to say it.

    Your posts have been inspiring and I can’t wait for you to post your 1 year surgery anniversary posts, as well as your 5 and 10 and 15!

    May surgery go as planned, may you heal quickly, and may you be cancer free this time Wednesday!

  8. margaret says:

    As I said earlier this morning, good luck tomorrow! We will be thinking about you and praying for a quick recovery!

  9. Aunt Pat says:

    We will be right there with you tomorrow and every day in hearts and prayers. You will do this and come out a winner !!

    All Our Love,

  10. CE says:

    Good Luck in surgery tomorrow, Susan. Everyone here is pulling for you. Take it one moment at a time and don’t expect too much from yourself too soon. You can get though this, especially with your gorgeous family by your side!

  11. Alright, here’s the deal. I am going to keep this page open all day tomorrow, and just refresh! refresh! refresh!

    Cheering loudly for you from Nova Scotia, WhyMommy. You’re so often in my thoughts.

    You’ll never catch me saying “You’re so strong” – only because it never sits well when people say that to me. (‘Cause, you know, I’d rather just be ordinary, rather than the consolation prize of being told I’m strong.)

    So what I’ll say is this. How you’ve faced this mountain has been so inspiring because of your grace. Maybe that’s just semantics – but to me, there’s a difference. You are a warm soul, a graceful soul, and you’ve retained that warmth and grace through this storm. You’ve been a teacher, a guide, in so many ways.

    I can feel the relief in your words that this day is finally here. I wish for you days upon days upon weeks and months and years without pain, and with a life that flips straight back to as ordinary as ordinary can be, where all you need to worry about is that you’ve forgotten to buy peanut butter again, and that you’d better hurry up or you’ll be late for Little Bear’s soccer practice, and that you’re swamped at work. Just plain, blessed ordinaryness.

    Cheering, hoping, wishing, ass-kicking, sending love and warmth and all things good.

  12. tori says:

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow, as I have been every day since I “met” you. Good luck!

  13. Heather says:

    A long time lurker wishing you the best of luck with your surgery- I know it’s going to be a complete success!

  14. Stimey says:

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow. You’re going to do great!

  15. LawyerMama says:

    Good luck tomorrow. You must be so relieved to finally have the day at hand. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow!

  16. carosgram says:

    May the Lord who healed the lepers, who healed a woman who just touched His robe guide your surgeon’s hand and completely remove the cancer tomorrow. May God keep you in the palm of His hand.

  17. canape says:

    There isn’t any comment I can leave today. I just wish I was there.

  18. mayberry says:

    I have been following you every step of the way and will be there with you in spirit tomorrow too. GO WHYMOMMY!

  19. Stephanie says:

    I’ll be praying for you for many more days to come, not just tomorrow. You have been and will continue to be an inspiration to all of us! Sending tons of love and prayers your way from Arkansas.

  20. All my thoughts and prayers and best wishes for a smooth surgery and the easiest possible recovery. I am praying for clean margins.

    Hugs and good thoughts.

    I look forward to hearing from you again in a few days when you are cancer-free.

    With Love!!!

  21. PrettyTulip says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow. ((((Hug))))

  22. Matt says:

    What Kate said – it’s beyond me to improve on it.

    Kick.Its.Ass. with clean margins. All the positive energy I can muster is yours.

  23. jackieb27 says:

    You are in my prayers, tomorrow and every day! Be strong! You will prevail over this ugly disease! Your strength and determination continue to astound me and I can only wish for 1/2 of your strength! We will all hear from you soon!

  24. theroadtohome says:

    I’m teary eyed, but for a great reason.
    With the surgery being tomorrow, I can’t keep from thinking how many supporters you have behind you. Thank you for arranging to have us updated, as you know we will all be waiting with baited breath.

    Good luck, get some rest, and we’ll see you after you get out!

  25. Mrs. Chicken says:

    You are often on my mind, never more than today and tomorrow. Susan, I’m praying for you and for clean margins. I know how crucial that is. Your strength is overwhelming, as is your humanity.

    All my love

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  28. Anta says:

    If anyone is ever ready for this surgery, Whymommy, it’s you! May God watch over you, tomorrow in particular, and may you heal as quickly as possible so you can start checking off the many wonderful things you have on your list!

    Love to you.

    In my prayers.

  29. kankie says:

    Clear margins, you ask? Yes, you will get that tomorrow. The surgeon will share that news with you and WhyDaddy. What will you do to celebrate?????? All the best to you and your family.

  30. Stella says:

    Always in my thoughts and prayers! All the best and beyond for tomorrow and every day after!!

  31. Barb says:

    Your story, smile, children, family have all touched me, a complete stranger, so deeply. I pray for you often. Extra tonight!

  32. ~JJ! says:

    I am praying for you with everything that I am….

    I send you love, hugs and a prayer for a safe surgery.

    Love you.

  33. malaina says:

    You and your family and clean margins are in my thoughts and prayers.

  34. mummycha says:

    Wishing you the best “cancer ass-kicking day” tomorrow! Oh that’s going to be so great!
    The Daddycha and I are looking forward to the good news post!

  35. Jennifer says:

    Cheering for you!

  36. strugi says:

    Praying for a smooth surgery, clean margins and a speedy recovery.

  37. Marianne says:

    Sending up prayers for you and your family, for strength and love and clean margins.

  38. Praying that you experience a peace that passes all understanding. And praying that God will bestow on your surgeons wisdom to know how to handle this and that He will guide their hands tomorrow during the surgery.

  39. Liz says:

    We’ll continue to be thinking and praying and cheering for you tomorrow. And every day.

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  41. Cindy Small says:

    Hi, I don’t have a blog but have been following your story for some time. Good Luck and God Speed tomorrow. I am sure that I can speak for many people, our prayers will be with you always.
    Love, hugs and many, many good thoughts, Cindy

  42. Indiemama says:

    Sending lots of love, good vibes, and positive thoughts your way!

    And of course, hoping for many, many, many more tomorrows for you and your family.

  43. Eva says:

    Wishing you all the best. You’re so brave. Good luck.

  44. Vanda says:

    Keeping you and your family in my thoughts tomorrow and everyday.

    Hugs from across the pond.

  45. ohthejoys says:

    I’ll be keeping you in my thoughts.


  46. musingmommy says:

    I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow, as I do every day. You are a true inspiration.

  47. giftofgreen says:

    ‘We are nearer to Spring
    Than we were in September,’
    I heard a bird sing
    In the dark of December.
    – Oliver Herford, I Heard a Bird Sing

    To successful surgery and to Spring!

  48. Joanna says:

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow, WM. You can and will do this – you are amazing.

  49. DICK&JUDY says:

    You are on the Briarwood prayer chain. We are all praying for you and have been. May you feel the love and be born on eagles wings.

  50. Tracy says:

    Just want you to know that my thoughts & prayers are with you “Tomorrow” as they are ALWAYS!!! Good luck & GOD BLESS!!!

  51. Tara-Lynn says:

    Sending lots of good thoughts and wishes your way. Will be thinking of you tomorrow, and anxiously waiting for updates.

    Hugs to you.

  52. Shannon says:

    I am a new reader but I am touched and inspired. I will be praying for you and thinking of you tomorrow. Lots of good healing energy coming your way!

  53. Linda Lawrence says:

    We love you and will be praying for you!

    Love ya,
    Aunt Linda and company

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  54. Rose100 says:

    We are with you and we’ve got your back.
    Clean margins all the way.

  55. Stephanie says:

    I hope that tomorrow goes well! You and your family will be in my thoughts and prayers.

  56. Imstell says:

    You have all those wishes and more. God go with you tomorrow. And may He guide your surgeon’s hands.

  57. Donna4k says:

    sending love to you and your family,make sure you have a special treat for yourself at the hospital, and something soft to have against you … never mind….. just close your eyes and feel the love that is being sent your way plenty soft and lovey…if that is too mushy perhaps a nice mantra —kicking cancer to the curb,repeat… (((((HUGS)))))

  58. Marlene says:

    Wishing you lots of strength, courage, faith and love to get through this. I’ll be thinking of you and wishing for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

  59. Maddy says:

    Only to happy to add my paultry prayers for all the reasons you listed as well as the prospect of a joyful future.
    BEst wishes

  60. mtkr says:

    You will be in my thoughts. My mom is going through the diagnosis phase of things now, and hearing how people like you and Susan Reynolds handle things is making it so much easier for me. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences.

  61. MamaGeek says:

    Look how far you’ve come.

    You’re in my thoughts pal. As always. Sending virtual best wishes and prayers to you, your surgeon and your entire family.

    Now go kick some serious butt.

  62. Lisa says:

    All our prayers and good feeling vibes are heading your way as always!

    Saturn can’t wait to celebrate her 5th birthday with you in just a few weeks. She’s requested a Saturn shaped cake (I bought the round (ball shaped) cake pans today to practice)!! I’ll need your help with the reality of decorating it. She thinks we should watch Ring World I/II for entertainment!

    Your post heading of Tomorrow made me think of Annie and I starting humming “The Sun will come out Tomorrow, bet your bottom dollar that tomorrow, they’ll be Sun!!!”


  63. conniereece says:

    One more reason — we need you. Praying for you and will be eagerly waiting for word about your surgery.

  64. NYfriend says:

    Thinking of you. 🙂

    Biggest hugs

  65. juliepippert says:

    Strength. Healing. Clean margins. More days of just being you. And all the rest you wished for.

  66. Colleen says:

    My thoughts and best wishes will be with you tomorrow and during your recovery time!

  67. binkytown says:

    I don’t comment as often as I’d like to but I hope you see this before you go to surgery (yah!) and know that I think you are one of the bravest most inspirtational people I’ve met in the real world or the blog one. I wish nothing but good things for you and extra clean margins. Here’s to tomorow!

  68. Amy says:

    I found your site from Miss Zoot and I just wanted to tell you that you can do this. I’m a survivor of thyroid cancer and while my cancer wasn’t IBC my struggles and thoughts were the same as yours. You are a survivor and you will continue to be a survivor! I don’t know what your support network is like but I am part of a group called I’m Too Young For This. We are cancer survivors under the age of 40 who just want to end the isolation and improve our quality of life. You can check out our website at I wish you the best tomorrow – and lots of negative margins!

  69. cate says:

    i came here from ~JJ!’s place…i don’t know you, but i’ve had too much Cancer in my family. i would like to send my best wishes to you, and to tell you that you sound like such a strong woman…a fighter. i know you will come through this, and you can begin your new life.

    my thoughts are with you and your family. good luck!

    (just in case my avatar shows up on this comment, i don’t have Cancer, i lost my hair from Alopecia)

  70. Tomorrow says:

    […] my friend WhyMommy will undergoing […]

  71. Well wishes for a speedy recovery. Well wishes for really nice nurses who don’t move the trash cans around too much while you’re trying to rest. Well wishes for all things little and big.

  72. Arkie Mama says:

    I’ll be thinking of you today, tomorrow and in the many days to come.


  73. …tomorrow says:

    […] WhyMommy Tomorrow […]

  74. Susan says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers. May you get through this and on with lots and lots of life.

  75. girl says:

    Love and hugs from us to you.

  76. Chas says:

    Stay strong! You’re in my prayers!

  77. Amanda says:

    Here via Twitter. My thoughts are with you. Good luck to you!

  78. Queeny says:

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  79. Praying. Can’t wait for *you* to post the great news!!!

    Thinking of you and your wonderful family 🙂


  80. Dogwalker says:

    I am a sixteen year bc survivior. I will keep you in my prayers tonight. Have faith – you can do this.

  81. MammaLoves says:

    I’m sitting here on my couch with tears streaming down my face. Your note to us just put me over the top. I’m so glad you’ve felt our love, because it’s real and true.

    And I’m just so overwhelmed by how many people now know about this horrible disease because of your honest words. Thank you!!

    Give ’em hell tomorrow Susan!! I’ll be thinking of you all day and sending as many prayers your way as I can.

  82. the new girl says:

    You got it, sister.

    Best of luck, speedy recovery.

    Be well.

  83. KDF says:

    Your hope and optimism and positive energy leaves me breathless.

    Best of everything — I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  84. Ally says:

    “Wow, those are some great looking margins!”

    Those are the exact words I’m praying for as you go into surgery tomorrow.

    I will thinking of you all day tomorrow, checking your site for your progress updates, and I will be praying for you constantly. Stay strong, WM. You are about the throw the final punch and know this cancer on its butt.

  85. feener says:

    sending you love

  86. dana says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you. Sending love and hugs your way.

  87. mom2fur says:

    Bless you for such a positive attitude! I hope that tomorrow goes smoothly, and that you recover quickly. (And I bet your new haircolor will be just lovely!)

  88. Carol Anne says:

    you will be in my thoughts all day tomorrow. I will be hoping for an easy successful surgery and much strength for your recover.

  89. yertle says:

    Hugs and blessings to you for your surgery and recovery.

  90. Becki says:

    Praying for you now, praying for you tomorrow. I have faith that your recovery will be complete, and that you will get to be you for a long, long, happy time.

  91. lynda says:

    will be thinking of you all day tomorrow!

  92. nemma says:

    I found your blog through a link on imhelendt, I just wanted to send you my thoughts and best wishes for tomorrow. You seem like a very brave lady!

  93. Lisa says:

    Wow! You are in my prayers. I hope that tomorrow goes as well as it possibly can, and that someday you can look back on this time as a bump on the road of life.
    God Bless!

  94. Margaret R. says:

    Praying for clean margins, quick healing, quiet nurses, lots of little boy hugs, hot tea, cool smoothies, fuzzy socks, peace of mind, and years and years and years of time to remember the love and forget the pain of the last six months!

  95. Carrie says:

    Good luck tomorrow! You are going to rock that surgery and you’ll be in my thoughts.

  96. highheelsbackwards says:

    Best of luck! I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow and you’ll be in my prayers. Clean margins!!!

  97. Jill Asher says:

    I am thinking of you… big hugs and I am sending lots of healing energy your way.

    Jill Asher

  98. Marie T says:

    Holding you in the light.

  99. Tomorrow says:

    […] my friend Susan is having a double […]

  100. Leeann says:

    I pray that all things go well for you.

  101. I’ll be thinking of you.

  102. PunditMom says:

    I will be thinking of you here, wishing and hoping that all goes well.

  103. Sending you positive energy all the way from Holland. Get well soon!

  104. Ella's Mommy says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers tomorrow!
    I really admire your strength and courage 🙂
    God bless!

  105. Kristen says:

    You are amazing, Susan. I have a new shirt for you. Coming soon….

  106. butterflyfish says:


  107. tansiekman says:

    Clean margins and swift steady hands are what we’re praying for and a wonderful recovery for you!

    Tomorrow will be the beginning of the rest of your life.

    Love and Prayers.

    The Dairy Wife

  108. mamma knows says:

    Praying, just praying.

  109. C in MT says:

    You are in our prayers!!!

    ~C in MT

  110. Crystal D says:

    You are in my prayers momma.

  111. Sonia says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with you, tomorrow and every day thereafter.

  112. Beth says:

    I pray for you sweet dreams tonight. Remember tomorrow night you will still be beautiful (not taking your smile), you will still be smart (not taking your brain) and you will still be kind (not taking your heart) and your family and friends will still love you.
    They make fake boobs, the rest can’t be replaced.

  113. My prayers have been and will be with you! (((HUGS)))

  114. Joeymom says:

    I know we’ve never crossed paths, but I do follow what’s up through StimeyLand- and we’re praying hard for you! May the surgery be spectacularly successful!

  115. Lindsey says:

    You are always in my prayers. I will be anxiously awaiting news tomorrow. We’re with you, girl.

  116. Danielle says:

    You have been in my thoughts these last few days nonstop and that will continue for some time. Clean margins and a swift recovery. I can’t wait for the updates.

  117. katy says:

    I will thinking about you all day tomorrow…Good luck!

  118. Your oldest friend, Adam and Debbie says:

    We’re excited with you about your surgery tomorrow.

  119. Leeanthro says:

    I’m thinking about you and your family. Here’s to success!

  120. Binky says:

    Best wishes. I’ll be thinking of you!

  121. Suebob says:

    All the best. I hope you can feel the mighty forces of all the good wishes of your loved ones and the blogosphere lifting you up like a beautiful cloud.

  122. Coco says:

    Adding my prayers to those of many others.

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  124. This is my first time here. I just want to add my voice to the chorus, and wish you luck and swift healing.

  125. Linda says:

    Tons of thoughts and prayers for you.

  126. Elizabeth says:

    I’m only one of the many who will be praying for you tomorrow and through your recovery. But I will be sending every ounce of good energy I have your way. And you don’t need luck–you’ve got this thing nailed to the wall. Keep rockin’. . . .

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  128. tulipmom says:

    You are an inspiration. I will be thinking of you tomorrow and hoping for clean margins.

  129. Bon says:

    clean margins, my friend.

    you are in my heart.

  130. Devra Renner says:

    Sending clean thoughts to your margins. 🙂

    Someone needs to let me know if you want a casserole or something…

  131. Toni says:

    I’m new here and come from MamaGeek’s place; wishing you comfort, peace and success tomorrow. I am in awe of the love and outpouring shown to you by this community of bloggers and am positive with this much support, you are going to prevail! May God bless you and your family tomorrow and in the days to come!

  132. Lisa says:

    Prayers for you, your surgeons, and your family!

  133. Robin says:

    Thinking only the best for you and your family

  134. Nancy says:

    I believe in prayers, you are in mine. Sending positive vibes your way and locking arms with all these women and friends that are on your TEAM.

  135. A friend of mine had the double and is doing great. Her favorite part was the reconstruction – she got to pick her size, and then she watched them tattoo the nipples and aureolae on.

    Gotta take your fun where you can find it, I guess.

  136. issycat says:

    I will be thinking of you on your big day tomorrow. Wishing you all the best.

  137. I will be thinking of you, sending good thoughts for clean margins and many, many, more days/years of being you!

  138. I’m thinking of you too, sending prayers and good vibes and everything positive I can your way.

  139. Christine says:

    I came by way of Robin from Around the Island, to send my well thoughts and wishes for you tomorrow. May the Lord bless you and may you feel at peace.

  140. Kimberly says:

    You’ve got all my good thoughts and prayers aimed your way, Susan.

    Much love~

  141. AmyA says:

    – Praying for you tomorrow….

  142. Maggie says:

    Came by way of Amanda at Tumble Dry. Won’t be leaving any time soon.

    Thank you for reminding me how to live well. God be with you.

  143. Janet says:

    Came from bon’s and mamageek’s. All the best for tomorrow. I wish you continued strength and speedy healing.

  144. sending your healing wishes and energy to you and your family

  145. Randi says:

    I come from Tumble Dry, (Amanda)

    My thoughts and prayers are with you!

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  147. Elizabeth says:

    Praying for you and thinking of you with love

  148. Debbie says:

    You are so brave. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. You are a survivor. I am inspired.

  149. Karen says:

    Lots and lots of prayers for you and your family. Here’s to clean margins and a swift recovery.

  150. Veronica says:

    De-lurking to offer support and good thoughts for tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

  151. Lisa says:

    I am praying for you and your family. I am excited for you all! You are an inspiration. Thank you for sharing yourself with us.

  152. Amy S. says:

    Although I don’t know you, after reading three different posts on three different blogs that wrote of your impending surgery, I had to come and wish you well. I’m a cancer survivor myself…I know the anxiety you feel right now. But you clearly have lots of love and support that’s sure to pull you through this latest hurdle. Best of luck for a speedy recovery and an ideal outcome.

  153. jennifer says:

    Good Luck!!! I will be praying for you.

  154. rimarama says:

    You will be in my thoughts and prayers. I want all of your dreams to come true. I think you deserve it!

  155. Jill says:

    Praying. God’s blessing be with you tomorrow.

  156. Angela says:

    God bless you in surgery and recovery. Good luck!

  157. chelle says:

    Sending positive vibes your way (had to stop in JJ gave you a shout out and geez girl, wow!) Speedy Recovery!

  158. the mrs. says:

    Praying for you tonight and all day tomorrow, as I have the past few months.

    May God guide the hands of your surgeons and keep a healing hand on you!

  159. DeeJay says:

    You are in my prayers…forever.

  160. Kyla says:

    The prayers are yours, Susan. Like Slouchy said, you’ll rock this.

  161. Brr says:

    Praying for you every step of the way and sending blessings to you, your family and all of your loved ones. Thinking of you and sending many positive thoughts your way. You are truly an inspiration to me.

  162. Mad Hatter says:

    Best of everything tomorrow. And may you awake to the smiling faces of your boys.

  163. blogauthor says:

    Good luck from a first time reader of your blog. I will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow.

  164. deb says:

    I’m leaving for Germany tomorrow but I wanted to stop by and let you know I’ll be thinking about you tomorrow and saying a prayer for you.

    Take care sweetie and a speedy recovery.

  165. A prayer for you from a lurker mom.

    Lots of strength and love…

  166. magpie says:

    Good luck and clean margins.

  167. Marie says:

    I found you through Mamageek…sending you prayers, good thoughts and support.

  168. shaz says:

    good luck, be well and i wish you a super quick recovery!

  169. Heather says:

    You have many friends in the bloggie world! I’ve read about you on, I think, 6 of my feeds tonight!

    Wishing you smooth sailing tomorrow and a speedy recuperation.

  170. TeamDidie-De Anna says:

    Clean margins and a speedy recovery!

  171. tina says:

    I am thinking and praying for you. You are so strong. I’m proud of you.

  172. Prayers for clean margins are coming your way. Godspeed.

  173. Wishing you all the best tomorrow.

    You’re in my prayers and thoughts.

  174. […] um. A little perspective? Whymommy’s double mastectomy is tomorrow. She’s been kicking cancer’s ass for about six months […]

  175. Mauigirl says:

    Best wishes for your surgery tomorrow. I’ll be sending lots of positive thoughts your way for clean margins and no more cancer.

    (Came here through Slouching Mom). I’ll be back to check on you! 😉 Best of luck.

  176. Jodi says:

    Wishing you the best. Be strong.

  177. Jen says:

    Constant prayers for you tomorrow my dear! Clear margins. A gift for you that my mom never got. Please Lord, send us clean margins!!


  178. Sandie says:

    Oh Susan, please know your many friends — old and new — will be thinking of and praying for you tomorrow. I love your list (and not just because I’m in it!), and I know there will be many, many, many tomorrows for you. Blessings for you!

  179. Marie says:

    Here’s to clean margins and the collective will of all of us that you recover completely.

  180. Dorit Sasson says:

    I just found out about you through Robin.

    Keeping you in my prayers.

  181. spacemom says:

    May the margins be clean and the recovery fast. May your soul be lightened….

    Thinking of you today and tomorrow and always!

  182. You are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Best of luck to you tomorrow.

  183. Sending prayers for a quick recovery your way.

  184. Wishing you much love and a clear outlook, so that you may continue to tell your story. I will be thinking of you as always, but most especially tomorrow.

  185. Jessica Ashley (Sassafrass) says:

    Oh Susan, I sent up prayers for you tonight for whatever you need most in the day (and days….many, many days) ahead — comfort, peace, laughter, quiet, distraction, healing, hope, pancakes. May God hold you in the palm of her hand as you take this next step.

  186. Mrs. G. says:

    Sending good vibes your way!

  187. Just found you through Slouching Past 40. I am touched by your journey and your spirit. I will hold you and your family in my heart.

  188. Sending you positive vibes and lots of love. You story is very inspiring and I think you will have MANY people praying for your full and quick recovery.

    Lots of love to you and yours!

    The Egel Nest

  189. All Adither says:

    Of course! You have my very best wishes for the outcome you most hope for! Positive thoughts from Seattle coming your way.

  190. Kyran says:

    wishing you and your family well.

  191. Amanda says:

    You’ll be in my thoughts tomorrow. Wishing you a quick recovery!

  192. Liz says:

    all the very best for tomorrow and for a speedy speedy recovery

  193. Photochick says:

    I found you from my Aunt – The Dairy Wife. She wrote of you & your ordeal, simply asking for prayers for you, your family, and those involved with your surgery. I’m quite new to the blogging thing, but as far as I’ve seen, her blogs are quite popular. You will have many prayers & warm wishes sent your way, I’m sure!

    I’ve stopped by your site now & again – you’ve been in my prayers; now you’ll be a MAJOR focus of my prayers.

    My Grandma is a breast cancer survivor, and I pray that you join her as soon as possible!!

    There’s nothing I can’t say that’s not already been said… I just want you to know that there are a lot of people out there who care a lot about you, even though we may not ‘know’ each other.

    May God be with you and your family.

    Love & prayers,
    Amanda Fultz

  194. Jordan says:

    I will be thinking of you tomorrow and wishing you strength and healthy recovery. Good luck!!

  195. Jamie says:

    I clicked over from Jennifer’s blog (Playgroups Are No Place for Children.)

    Sending you the utmost in positive thoughts as you get ready mentally, emotionally, and physically for your surgery tomorrow.

    Take care and God bless.

  196. […] I can only hope and pray for HALF of her strength. Please pray or pass positive thoughts to WhyMommy. […]

  197. Karen says:

    All the best for tomorrow sweetie.
    Much love from Karen and “Duch”

  198. My thoughts are with you. Sending you positive energy from Arizona.

  199. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful and tough woman you are. I just heard about you from M. Uncensored (and just watched the news video), but you’ll be on my mind tomorrow.

    I’m wishing you the best, and I’m hoping that your body can catch a break soon.

    Cancer really sucks ass. So you keep giving it the swift kick in the balls it deserves.

  200. Hetha says:

    I’m here by way of Slouchy and you’ll most certainly be in my thoughts and prayers, tomorrow and from here on out. Blessings to you!

  201. Thinking of you and wishing you strength and love!

  202. coolbeans says:

    I think about you every day and am wishing and hoping and sending positive vibes your direction.

    I think Michelle left my favorite comment on any blog ever: “Cancer really sucks ass. So you keep giving it the swift kick in the balls it deserves.”


  203. Christy says:

    WhyMommy, you know we are all praying for you! See you on the other side.

  204. I figured I’d beat the crowd, so I posted abtou you late last week.

    I’m thinking “clean” for you–clean margins. I hope our support gives your the strength you seek.


  205. SabineM says:

    Best of luck to yoU! will keep you in my thoughts tomorrow!
    wishing you lots of strength and sending you many hugs!
    Came via Around the Island!

  206. Jacquie says:

    Sending you the best of luck and all my love and thoughts WM!!

    You have me amazed from the moment I started reading you, you have kicked cancer butt ever so graciously!

    I am proud to know you thru this blog.

  207. MetaMommy says:

    We think of you and your family often, and our positive thoughts are always aching to reach you. I look forward to reading about when you finally get to enjoy eating again. There’s something so unique and fundamental about it. Sometimes, it’s the little things.

  208. You are amazing! I am looking forward to your posts years from now when you are offering wit and wisdom to all of us, all as well as offering your empathy and support to women facing similar life journeys. You are in my thoughts, prayers for your speedy recovery.

  209. it seems the whole blogosphere is thinking about and praying for you today. the love all around that i keep reading is astounding. may it wrap itself around you and keep you safe and warm, and bring you through this so that you may keep LIVING your fabulous life

  210. Ally says:

    Hey again Susan, I’m just thinking of you tonight again, and saying some more prayers for you, and wanted to let you know that I’ve asked the prayer chain at our church to hold you in their prayers as you go into surgery tomorrow and as you recover in the coming weeks. xoxox

  211. E :) says:


  212. planetnomad says:

    You’ve already come so far! You impress me no end. I’m praying for you tomorrow, for your surgeons, for success and quick healing and for many more tomorrows!

  213. chrissy says:

    You are in my prayers tonight.

  214. sghughes says:

    Praying for you and your COMPLETE recovery!

  215. chaotic joy says:

    I keep seeing your name, lifted up in prayer, in words of encouragement, in reminders for prayer for positive thought. Everywhere I look, people are pulling for you. And I am one of them.

  216. Gill says:

    I will be thinking of you all day today, praying for you and sending you postive thoughts. You are an amazing woman and I know you will come through your surgery with grace and dignity.

  217. Emily says:

    You are in my prayers.

  218. […] Whymommy, I will be thinking of you tomorrow as you go through your surgery. I hope and pray you have a […]

  219. JCK says:

    You will be in my prayers tomorrow. And yes, we’d like you to be you more please, too. The Universe holds you and many are shining lights on you.

  220. geekmommy says:

    Adding my prayers to the lot.
    Hoping to get to know you better after you get yourself back!


    May tomorrow be the date on your calender 40 years from now that you look back on as the date that started you back on track with your life and your future!

  221. Katie says:

    You are so incredibly brave and strong. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.

  222. Beth B. says:

    Lots of lots of love tommorrow!! Your strength is inspirational!!!

  223. Mrinz says:

    All best wishes and love for tomorrow.

  224. bermudabluez says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. Best wishes to you. Be Strong!

  225. Heidi says:

    Hi. I am stopping by from Arkie Mama, and have just read your last few posts. Please know that even as far as away as Norway, people are thinking about you, wishing you well, and hoping for a smooth surgery and the a speedy return to healthfulness.

    Good luck and be strong!


  226. McSwain says:

    First time here, sent by Slouching Mom. You are in my prayers, as is your family.

  227. Tomorrow says:

    […] I admit, I don’t blog like I should, but I do read – boy do I read!  But I was moved to write today.  See there is this blog that I found, probably through someone elses blog roll and it hit me.  This woman could be me, but its not.  She’s so HONEST about her plight, but yet so positive about it also.  In the back of my mind, I wonder, if it WAS me, could I keep my spirits up like she is?  For whymommy, Tomorrow is the big day…..She is under going a double mastectomy.  My thoughts are with her and her family, and I pray that whomever is in charge up there guides that surgeon’s hands to rid her of the cancer so she and her husband can grow old together. […]

  228. Jenn says:

    Good thoughts sent your way!!!!

  229. Smiling Mom says:

    Sending you my thoughts and prayers. Good luck.

  230. You will be with me. In my thoughts. Sending you strength.

    I am so excited for you, but sad. Sad that I won’t hear from you for a while. And I will have to live with wondering how you are feeling.

    ❤ babe.

  231. Casdok says:

    May your strength carry you through.

  232. Emily says:

    I won’t be in DC for awhile, late spring or summer maybe. By that time you will have your sense of taste back. And I will owe you a Dutch Baby at the Original Pancake House, with lots of syrup.

    It’s a date.

  233. Ella says:

    Love from us all at the Most family – me, Matthew and my three boys – we’re all thinking of you today and praying for clean margins.

  234. Sarcasmom says:

    I will be thinking of you, and check back for updates. A friens just went through the same operation and she is doing vvery well, physically and mentally. I wish you the best.

  235. Sonia says:

    Will you even make it this far down all your comments??!!

    My thoughts and best wishes are with you. I have visited your blog daily since I found you through Motherhood Uncensored (another addiction of mine) and although this is the first time I’ve left a comment, I think of you often. I have two boys about the same age and your courage and bravery through all that you have been through is astounding. Good luck – we’ll see you on the other side!

    Sonia (Melbourne, Australia)

  236. Today’s the big day – the first day in the rest of your life. I woke up thinking about you and will continue. Can’t wait to hear news…

  237. Cathy says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers – today and always.

  238. hi brave girl! god is with you and we are all there with you through our prayers. And I am more than 100% sure that you will bounce back with all the vigor.

    look forward to meet you in your blog soon!

    love n hugs,
    from india

  239. Susan Corner says:

    Love and hugs from the Middle East. You are in my thoughts.

  240. Penny says:

    I’ve been following your brave journey. All my best wishes coming to you from France. Bon Courage as they say here. Hugs

  241. Lindsay says:

    Good luck for today, I hope everything goes extremely well and you get to fulfill all your reasons, written about, said and unsaid. lots of love and strength for your recovery.

  242. Takhara says:

    praying for you and your family —

  243. girlymom says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers on this difficult day and the recovering ones yet to come.

  244. Aliki says:

    You will continue to be in my thoughts–each and every day. Here’s to all those wonderful days stretching ahead of you!

  245. Angela M says:

    I am so overwhelmed! God bless you!

  246. […] invested in the updates on her site. And today, after finishing her chemo, she is having her double mastectomy to do everything she can to reduce her risk of recurrence. She discusses the fears she feels about […]

  247. Paige says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers.

    All best,

  248. Her Grace says:

    Prayers and warm thoughts coming your way, lovely lady. I’ll be thinking of you tomorrow.

  249. […] January 2008 by Michelle OK, so I’m a bit behind, and its today.  WhyMommy’s surgery.  I don’t know her really, but from all I’ve heard (read) she is an […]

  250. justenjoyhim says:

    You are an incredibly beautiful, strong woman. You will win; I have no doubt. You’re my IBC guru, my guide. You and Stella are my mentors.

    I’ve know you a short time but I have love and respect for you, immeasurable.

    And many, many prayers for you.

    God will bless you and your family.

  251. Kellie says:

    Here from Liz and the House of H. Wanted to tell you that you will be in my thoughts and prayers today.

  252. cce says:

    Here by way of Slouchy and just want to applaud your bravery and wish you well!

  253. Melissa says:

    Hey There WhyMommy,

    I came over from MamaGeek’s page and just wanted to let you know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. One of my very bext friends in the whole world had breast cancer and I remember walking through all of this with her. You are covered (bathed) in prayers and know that you will get the “clear margins” that you are looking for!

    Here’s to a speedy recovery and clear margins!

    Melissa 😉

  254. […] the day that Whymommy has her double mastectomy. My thoughts and prayers are with her. If you can, give a shoutout to the […]

  255. Annie says:

    I am lifting you up in prayer today, all day. God Bless.

  256. Victoria says:

    Dropping by – wishing you nothing but the best of luck. You will be in my thoughts.

  257. MP says:

    Congratulations on your chance to be you again..Sent over from SM…my prayers are with you one can have too many!

  258. Megan says:

    Good luck – thinking of you today. You go girl!

  259. Momo Fali says:

    Wishing you strength, courage, and a speedy recovery.

  260. Thinking about you often! Lots of love and good wishes coming your way!!

  261. You are in my prayers today.

  262. Angela says:

    Sending good thoughts and prayers.

  263. Amy says:

    Your family is in my thoughts and prayers!

  264. You’ve been on my mind all week. All my good vibes are going your way today.

  265. we_be_toys says:

    My thoughts and prayers will be with you. I am in awe of your courage and strength – here’s to hoping you will never need to be this strong again!

  266. NicoleB says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers today; may God bless you and your amazing and beautiful family.

  267. chantillylace1979 says:

    You are in my thoughts and prayers. God Bless.

  268. badnessjones says:

    Hi Whymommy…my dad is battling colon cancer, he had surgery in the fall and is in the middle of a new round of chemo. On the weekend when we saw him he said “this disease will not get me until I want it to. And when my grandson looks at me and smiles like that I know that I’m not going anywhere for a long long while.” I’m going to think of and pray for you every time I think of and pray for him…that’s about every 12 minutes if you’re wondering.

  269. Meredith says:

    I will be praying for you! And thinking about you today.

  270. April says:

    Thinking of you today! Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.

  271. Miss Britt says:

    Here by way of Petroville,

    and thinking of you and your Tomorrows, today.

  272. Karen says:

    We don’t know eachother…yet. I blog for the Chicago Moms Blog and I look forward to meeting you some day soon. Good luck tomorrow. I will be thinking of you.

  273. Barb says:

    Blessings, love and prayers for you. I pray that you and your family will feel Peace and Comfort. I pray that your surgeons will be competent and thorough. I pray that your recovery will be swift and complete!

  274. justmylifemygripespot says:

    Came here by way of Playgroupie. You and your family are in my prayers. It seems you have many prayers and well wishes coming your way. You seem to have a great outlook on life and positive thoughts and that goes a long ways in how things turn out. I will be checking back often and hoping to get news on how you are doing. I will be thinking of you.

  275. christine says:

    arrived here via DONT TAKE THE REPEATS….sending you big hugs and good mojo from texas!!!!


  276. Manic Mommy says:

    Here via Slouching Mom, Motherhood Uncensored, and The New Girl.

    Sending you strength, prayers, and good wishes.

  277. Sarah says:

    Your unused reasons list is awesome. I wish you the best of luck and am glad to see you seem to have a pretty good outlook and spirit about things. Doctors and medicine is amazing, but you’d be amazed at just how much your outlook and spirit can carry you. I’ll be following your blog—look forward to reading soon!

  278. Melinda says:

    For those reasons and many more…

    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. Keep your chin up knowing that you will make it through okay. It is only a matter being positive.

  279. holli says:

    My mom just had her last round of chemo not too long ago, she came back from the brink of Stage 4 Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. My 6-year-old cousin rang the bell in total remission after having AML leukemia. I have other cancer stories from our family (we have a cancerous family – don’t ask me why) but the past couple of years have given me a LOT of hope with all the new treatments and cancer drugs and I’m not the world’s most positive person. I don’t throw prayers out willy nilly – but I’ll send a big one your way. Have faith in yourself and how different things are now than they used to be.

    You’re going to do great!!! HUGS.

  280. Kelly says:

    Praying for your well-being…

  281. I’m here via Sarah and the Goon Squad. I wish you all the best for a speedy recovery and NO MORE CANCER!

  282. motherofbun says:

    Sending you much hope, strength and love. You and the fam are in my prayers today, as you are every day.

  283. Dorit Sasson says:

    Thinking of you today.

  284. […] Today Whymommy is in surgery to remove cancer she discovered last year.   […]

  285. Delia says:

    My thoughts are with you today….. Safe surgery and speedy recovery vibes for you.

  286. Worker Mommy says:

    I’m be thinking about you and praying for you. You’ve got such an amazing attitude. You and my mom! She’s a little over 1 yr past her bilateral mastectomy (they did it first and then chemo and radiation after) and is healing nicely.
    I wish the same for you.

  287. Labugga says:

    Thinking of you all day!

  288. Jess says:

    Thinking of you today!

  289. I’m in awe of all the love that you give and all the love that surrounds you.

  290. Liz says:

    Wishing blessings and healing on you and yours.

  291. I just read that you are out of surgery and doing well. Yeah! You go girl. I knew you could do it.


  292. […] Whymommy has been waiting for this day for so many months. She endured so many hurtful chemicals, she endured days when she did not have the mental, emotional or physical strength to be with her boys in the robust, loving, brilliant way she wanted to mother them. […]

  293. ewe_are_here says:

    Sending you warm thoughts and good wishes that all went well with your surgery today.

  294. Thinking of you, kick this thing right out of you.

  295. Coming by way of HBM and sending love and prayers to you.

  296. Leanne says:

    You’re in my thoughts and prayers tonight. Hugs and blessings.

  297. Ann Marie says:

    ahh heck… 100 thousand trillion hundred million
    (And according to my kid when he was 4 that is A LOT) SMOOCHES

    Ask around.. most people are lucky to get one smooch a month from me..

  298. So hopeful to hear good news from you.

  299. The Other Elle says:

    I, too, came here via Her Bad Mother.

    We are all here for you. We’re kinda like that phone company commercial: a crowd of us, standing just a little bit behind you and ready to push or catch you. Whatever you need.

    Just holler.

  300. anna says:

    Here’s to clean margins and children who surprise you!

  301. mandy says:

    One more behind you, cheering you on.

  302. gwendomama says:

    you have all of my love and best purest thoughts. and purity is a challenge for me.
    but you have it in its most pure, redundant form.

    count me in.

  303. Annie-Kate says:

    My own mommy died when I was 2 from Breast Cancer.
    She decided not to have a mastectomy.

    From someone who lost my mom at the age your kids are around now, you are doing the most brave and inspiring thing for them, and they will thankyou one day. I Promise.

    Thankyou for saving them from the hurt I went and go through.

  304. Avalon says:

    HBM sent me over. I wish you the best of luck, an easy healing process and a return to the life you want to lead. And peace.

  305. Cara says:

    Blessing you and keeping you and your family in my prayers.

  306. BOSSY says:

    Best wishes, truly.

  307. I think I’ve been by here for TT or WW or something like that, but we don’t really know one another. Regardless, I clicked through from Robin’s blog and am here to wish you a speedy recovery and a happy slide into the rest of your wonderful life. 🙂


  308. Qutecowgirl says:

    thoughts, prayers, energy and anything else I can think of, I am sending your way. =)

  309. Tere says:

    Sending prayers and good wishes and hope your way. You’re very brave, and I have every hope that you will see many, many tomorrows.

  310. delilah says:

    This was beautiful. Sending lots of prayers your way.

  311. Misty says:

    Cheering you on. All my prayers…………

  312. Prayers being sent for clear margins and a quick recovery and for all that you want and more and more and more and more and more.

    Much love, and many prayers.

  313. ana says:

    My heart is heavy that I am so late in reading this!! 😦

    Still I will pray. Still I will believe that all went well and will continue to go well in your recovery.

    Much love and prayers!

  314. Good morning , my daughter is a breast cancer survivor after 7 years..Her hair grew back very thick and a darker color… Wishing you a speedy and pain free recovery….Prayers and hugs sent your way…

  315. Jess says:

    Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. I hope that everything went well.

  316. You are never far from my thoughts! I hope the surgery went well and you make a speedy and complete recovery!

    We all stand with you. You are one strong, amazing woman and you will beat this!

  317. Just wanted to stop by (via Petroville) and give you some love. I’m over a year now free from breast cancer, and I’ll look forward to seeing you on the winning side soon!

  318. AdventureDad says:

    I will be thinking of you. Best of luck, be strong.


  319. caitlin says:

    Sending you lots and lots and lots of positive thoughts to you and your beautiful family.

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  321. Donna W says:

    I came here from the Perfect Post awards. God be with you.

  322. Erin says:

    I’m a first time reader from the perfect post awards. You made me tear up! Good luck-boobs are SO overrated anyway!

  323. Vint Falken says:

    I don’t know if you remember me, we once briefly met in Second Life, but I want to join the ranks here of all that say ‘Get well ASAP!’. As for the small part I’ve seen of you, you look like a great person, who deserves to live a long, happy life. I hope everything turned out well! *goes to search for more blogposts*

  324. […] When I went through radiation treatments after my mastectomy, a bright red burn appeared on my chest pretty quickly. It spread from just below my neck to nearly […]

  325. Rosie : ) says:

    You are a brave one, and I hope you get to enjoy each of those things on your list, and more!

  326. […] With a borrowed blackberry (and a whole lot of pain medication), I twittered my mastectomy. […]

  327. […] year later One year later, tomorrow is but a […]

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