I’m alive.

I made it through surgery.  I made it through the night.  I’m still in bed recovering (and will be for some time, I would guess), but I’m just so happy to be alive today.

24 hours ago, WonderDaddy and I hopped in the car to go to the hospital.  21 hours ago, I was being wheeled into surgery.  Some time after that, I lost my boobs.  5 hours in recovery, and then they brought me up to this room, a teeny tiny room with a view of the city and the most beautiful sunrise I’ve seen since those Easter mornings at Stone Mountain (Highly recommended.  The Easter sunrise service on Stone Mountain just outside Atlanta, GA, that is.  Not the surgery.  Unless you need it, of course).  We had a little scare during the night, as my blood pressure kept dropping and my pulse slowed, but all seems to be well this morning and the resident was happy with my progress.

We’ve already been visited by a number of doctors, separately, and at rounds.  My surgeon will come by in the next hour or two and make a decision as to whether I should stay another night or released right away (#$%@ U.S. insurance policies!).  Either way, I have a room with a view and the most wonderful company in the world … WonderDaddy and all of you.  Thank you for your beautiful comments, prayers, and posts yesterday.  I am overwhelmed.  And grateful.  Just as I hoped, WonderDaddy read me your comments last night to help me sleep.  But there are more to read today, and I am settling in to read them now.  Thank you.  For everything.

P.S. I will twitter updates throughout the day — you can find them on the right-hand side of this page if you haven’t already.  It’s so easy to use twitter for short posts and conversations with friends….

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  1. bubandpie says:

    Thinking of you, Susan. (I had a dream about you the other night, and in my dream it was the day after surgery. Now you’re here. You made it!)

  2. Robin says:

    Good morning sunshine. May all your mornings be as bright.

    Gentle healing hugs to you my friend.

  3. Good morning! So great to ‘see’ you 🙂

    I’m so dang happy for you!!! I won’t get started on insurance muck… here’s hoping things work out just they way you need…

    Take care!!


  4. margaret says:

    Good morning, it’s great t ohear your doing well today. Hopefully they let you stay as long as you need to.

  5. Cheryl says:

    I certainly hope you are allowed to stay in the hospital at least one more day (if that’s what you want!) I am so glad it is the day after surgery and you are doing well! Wishing you comfort, rest and healing.

  6. Fern says:

    You are such a bad@ss to be up and posting! So glad everything is going well. Looking forward to following your recovery.

  7. Becki says:

    It’s good to read your words. I hope your recovery is as comfortable as can reasonably be expected–and FULL! Looking forward to reading more later.

  8. Congratulations on making it so far in your journey! What a trip. Please, please take it easy after you go home. You always do so much, but you need to rest, follow doctor’s orders, probably baby yourself. Maybe the doctor could order some home health care for you if you need help since after all you do have the two boys to take care of. I know you’re excited but please, please take it easy.

  9. Stella says:

    Good Morning! So happy to hear that you’re feeling pretty ok and things went great!!
    Still thinking of you and wishing you lots of recovery and well wishes!!

  10. Mama DB says:

    Oh, I’m so happy you made it through okay and my goodness, well enough for updates!

    I hope you get one more day, at least, of rest and care in the hospital and the healing is smooth and fast so you can hold your babies soon.


  11. sarah says:

    hi WhyMommy – with my internet obstacles it has been all i could do to have my sister read here for me and tell me what’s been going on. i’ve been so hapy that the surgery finally came. I was thinking of you so much as you were scared about surgery, been thinkong of you since. i am just now back at home after a LONG holiday in limbo and wanted to drop a hello. you sound great, you seem great. i can’t wait to talk to you more. keep it up. you are amazing! a big sincere hug – KillerBoob

  12. Your oldest friend, Adam says:

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life. It is a gift to you. I know you will use it wisely. Hallelujah.

  13. I cheered again this morning at the sight of this post… Less than 24 hours post-op, and you’re blogging already!!

    My children immediately appeared at my elbow to see what I was reading, and Child Number Two asked:

    “So, she doesn’t have cancer anymore???”

    And I was able to say the wonderful words I’ve been waiting to be able to say:

    “No, sweetie… She doesn’t have cancer anymore. She’s going to be Just Fine.”

    Bless you, Susan!! Rest today… you’ve more than earned it!! I’ll be watching for updates.

    xoxo CGF

  14. I came here hoping to see an update from WonderDaddy, but hit the jackpot with a real, live WhyMommy post! Damn girl, you don’t mess around!!!

    I am SO SO SO very glad to hear you’re doing well, scares in the middle of the night notwithstanding. I hope you continue to feel better every minute, and know we are all rooting for you and thinking of you!

    Hugs and prayers coming your way!!!

  15. Heather! says:

    Here’s to many, many more boobless days! 😉 Keeping you in my thoughts. I bet you can’t wait to see your boys faces light up when they see their favorite person in the whole wide world (well next to WhyDaddy of course!)

  16. Stimey says:

    Congratulations! You are an amazing woman, you know that? Amazing.

  17. Shannon B. says:

    You are an absolute inspiration! I am so happy to hear your surgery went well. I look forward to reading about your recovery and all of the amazing adventures you have ahead of you!

  18. Susan K says:

    I was so happy to see this post from you this AM.

    But TAKE IT EASY. Don’t overdue it! We want you to continue to feel good. So REST.

    Love to you and all the boys.

  19. Linda Lawrence says:

    Wonderful! Thanks so much for letting us know how you are doing! We are, of course, thinking of you 24/7.

    Love ya,
    Aunt Linda

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  20. Sheila says:

    I’m so happy to hear you are doing well. Sleep lots, love those babies lots. Will keep you in my prayers all through the day and pray for strength and a fast recovery.

  21. E :) says:

    YAY! Go you and your doctors! And WhyFamily!

  22. Mimi says:

    So glad to hear the surgery went well. Can’t believe you feel well enough to be blogging already. That’s awesome! You are an inspiration to us all.

  23. Victoria says:

    Gentle hugs and postive thoughts being sent your way. Stone Mountain sunrise? Ridiculously pretty.

    Take care.

  24. Dorit Sasson says:

    I’m so happy for you. I was thinking about you yesterday and today. I’m so glad you are okay.

  25. Paulette says:

    I woke up in the wee hours and prayed for you untill falling back asleep. I am so grateful the Lord doesn’t sleep and keeps watch at night. May the Lord continue to give you the peace and healing you so deserve. You will be in my prayers on this new day!
    I am so grateful you are on the road to recovery!
    Blessings and a great day for you today.

  26. Christy says:

    *Doing the happy dance over here*

    I checked Stimey’s place all day yesterday. I’m so glad we got updates!!

    I can’t wait to hear all about it. I’m thrilled that you are doing well.

  27. Beth_C says:

    Thought about you a lot yesterday and I am continuing to pray.

  28. jackieb27 says:

    I am so glad to here you came through with flying colors! And just think, no more pesky bras!!!! The’re such a pain anyways, and way overpriced! I was hoping to catch a post from you, as I cannot access Twitter from work, darn security blocks! My blessing will continue to be with your throughout your recovery! Way to go girl!

  29. Laurie says:

    Susan – you’re so amazing. Can’t believe you’re up to thinking in complete sentences yet, let alone writing them down!

    I’d totally forgotten about Easter services at St. Mtn. We’ll have to do that this year.

    Keeping your recovery in our prayers …

  30. Melody says:

    Today is the first day i found your site. I’m glad I did. I will pray for you and your family.

    My step-mom had a mastectomy in 1994, and has been cancer-free for many many years now.

    I’m not sure what to say – Congratulations seems silly, even trite, but just know that you are in my thoughts.


  31. Ally says:

    Amazing that the docs might send you home so soon… I sincerely hope not! Thinking of you today, again.

  32. Cousin-in-law says:

    We Love You

    Bettis the Dog

  33. Maggie says:

    Fairly new to Team Whymommy (can’t figure out how to get a badge yet) but posted about you yesterday, too:


    Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop with your blog entries and Twitter updates — talk about above and beyond!

    So glad you’re alive.

  34. Jacquie says:

    You amaze me still! All the best wishes coming straight to you and quick healing.

  35. Judy says:

    You’re awesome. God bless.

  36. Aunt Pat says:

    I’ Sooo glad it’s over. I’m looking forward to seeing you soon when you’re feeling up to it. Wishing you a speedy recovery.

    Love and XXXXX

  37. Colleen says:

    I’m so happy for you… for a successful surgery… and for what seems like a recovery that is off to a good start!

  38. Leann I Am says:

    It’s awesome that you are already on the computer and updating us yourself. I’m so happy you made it through okay and are recovering.

    Thoughts and prayers, always.


  39. So happy to hear that you are recovering and the surgery is behind you.

    Thinking about you and sending positive thoughts and prayers!

  40. Amanda says:

    I can think of no greater accomplishment (outside of chemo and a double mastectomy) than to have played a part in guiding you to a restful sleep. Sweetest of dreams my friend, you’ve earned them and soon, you’ll be living them.


  41. mod*mom says:

    i remember not feeling ready to leave the hospital after my mastectomy too. going home meant going to “work” taking care of the house + family. i wanted to stay in the hospital, but it would have been $750 a day deductible. what i did + highly recommend to you if you can beg, borrow or steal the money to stay in a nice hotel with room service so you don’t have to worry about food + making your bed. just concentrate on resting + taking care of your drains + walk all over the hotel in your bathrobe like i did.
    it is so much better than a hospital. just be comfortable as you can. you’ve been through so much! radiation isn’t too bad once you’re past the 1st visit where they measure your radiation field for about 2 hours + mark you up with a pen. ask for the best tattooer. it’s a skill to get it painless, just like the chemo needles. but the radiation shouldn’t be too bad. it’s just the going there every day for so long that’s annoying. if you make your appts for 1st thing in the morning, it won’t take a big chunk out of your day. i told my daughter i was getting zapped so she couldn’t go in the room. otherwise it’s not too bad, because the radiation is pretty shallow. use aloe or sween cream on your skin. please email me any questions. i’m sending you postive healing energy (+ i just linked you on my mod*pals blogroll)

  42. amalah says:

    This was wonderful to read — look at you, updating yourself already!! — stay strong and amazing.

  43. mandy says:

    I am so glad to read this. I held you in my prayers.

  44. I am sooo happy to hear things went well. We were definitely thinking of you throughout the blogosphere.

    And it’s double happy news for me, a good friend in Boston was also having surgery for breast cancer this week and hers went well, too.

    Hooray hooray!

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