Peace and love

Friday night, as my mind was racing and my body was winding down for sleep after a long day of co-parenting with my mother-in-law (and grateful for it), I turned to Widget and told him it was five more minutes until bedtime.  He looked up at me with those big blue eyes and asked,

Mommy, can we go for a walk and look at the stars?

Um, yes?  As soon as I pick my heart back up off the floor?  Of course, yes, and, just as we got bundled up in “jacquets” and hats, Daddy walked in the door.  We three walked back out, into the cold night air, and took a little night stroll to see the stars. 

It was possibly the most beautiful night of my life.  It wasn’t poignant, and it wasn’t sad.  It was just the everyday normalness of it all that got me.  Two parents and a little boy, just walking, hand-in-hand, enjoying the stars.  Shielding our eyes against the brightness of the streetlights and turning away from the city’s glare.  Joining hands and leaning waaaaaaaaaaay back to see the best view possible without falling down.  Laughing and giggling as we raced each other back inside for some hot “choqwit” downstairs while Grandma put Little Bear to bed for the night.

Treasuring the moment, but not overmuch, secure in the knowledge that we will do this again and again, through all the years that we will live together.

Blog awards time!  Leanne at Intricate Art gave me the Bloggers of the World award, created by Colin.  There are so many farflung friends I’ve made through blogging, but today I remind you of some of my favorites from the far corners of the world (or what looks like that from here):

Kelley in Australia, Bon in PEI, Robin in Israel, Planet Nomad (whose real name I’m forgetting) in Mauritania, or even just Oregon, Tanya in what feels like a country paradise … and so many more.  You gals expand my world, and for that, I thank you.

(Are you blogging a long way away from Washington, D.C.?  Leave me a comment and let me know or remind me.  I adore visiting new places!)

the world

Robin from Around the Island just happened to give me bling this week too.  It’s the True Blue Blogging Award, and, while I see so many of you as True Blue Blogging Friends, this one has Stimey‘s name on it. 

I pass this one on to Stimey, for being a friend through good times and bad; for the days of silent boys and screaming ones; for parenting boys who build and boys who tear apart; for bringing me dinner when I expected “only” a playdate.  For not correcting my insufferable use of clauses as sentences, even though you know I know better, and yet I still fling them from the rafters in rapid succession.  For inviting me over on hot summer days and cold winter evenings.  For being ready with a smile, a sigh, a hug.  For being my friend, and letting me be your friend, not just your “friend with cancer.”  Thanks, Stimey.

true blue


18 Responses to Peace and love

  1. mummycha says:

    This is cool! May I ask you for a favor? I am not sure I have seen pictures of Widget yet, I’d love to see this cutie of yours, if it’s fine with you. Thanks!

  2. Gill says:

    Waving at you from the east coast of South Africa 🙂 I love this post – taking an evening stroll to look at the stars – how normal and how wonderful!

  3. whymommy says:

    Oh, hi, Gill! Thanks for the wave! I’ll be over to your place tomorrow!

  4. E :) says:

    Sending love from Australia.

  5. whymommy says:

    I want to move to Australia someday. Between Kelley, E:), MiscMum, Atlastwellsleep and her mother, Paul (sometimes), there are so many fabulous bloggers there. How did you all get so lucky?

  6. tracey says:

    What a sweet story! I love those everyday moments… So lovely.

  7. Vanda says:

    Greetings From England!

    What a lovely thing it is walking, looking at stars with a little one.

  8. Robin says:

    It’s a clear night tonight. I’m going to go outside and look up at the stars shining over Israel, knowing that they will soon be shining over you, and whisper a prayer for your well-being to the universe. Look up tonight, you should catch it on the flip-side ;).

  9. Oooof. You got me in the gut with the stars walk. Like you said, it’s the NORMALness of our life that is the best. I tend to pass over those normal things in search of the BEST or the SPECIAL moments, only to skip the normal. The normal is the best and the special. Thanks for making me think about that again.

  10. Stimey says:

    Oh, WhyMommy, you made me so teary. What a beautiful thing to say. I am honored beyond words, not just for this award, but to be your friend. You have all my love. Always.

  11. planetnomad says:

    You broaden my world too! Thanks.

  12. Bon says:

    thank you. much. you make my world bigger, you know that?

  13. SuzyQatHome says:

    There really is something about boys and the quiet everyday moments. Maybe it is that there aren’t very many [quiet ones] – so we have to cherish them!

    As they get older those moments are even better – that is when the “why mommy’s?” give you a view straight into the little hearts and minds.

  14. Oh sweetie, thankyou.

    ❤ babe.

  15. Susan,

    That is so very sweet of you. Thank you so much … but mainly that you think of me as a favorite.

    I think the same of you. I’ve been one of your best prayer warriors throughout the past six months.

    I’m not from another country … well, maybe Indiana is another country. I’m surrounded by cows, not people, and the only road in to here is one lane, not a four-lane.

    But what a life it is …. LOL.


    p.s. I’m going to swipe that other little award. I know the perfect person that needs it.

  16. Sally Vardaman says:

    Reading your blog regularly and am oh-so-inspired by your perspective and wonderful writing. Wishing you continued recovery and a lifetime of special normal.

  17. justenjoyhim says:

    That is absolutely beautiful.

  18. Linda says:

    Gorgeous, just gorgeous. Those moments are what life is all about, and often it takes those who’ve been to hell and back to remind us.

    Long after we forget everything we ever learned in school, we remember small, beautiful moments with our families.

    I love those little-kid pronunciations! Like when my son used to call balloons “be-noons”! 🙂

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