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This is an open thread for friends (any of you!) to post suggested lymphedema resources.  I’ve just begun investigating them, so I don’t have appropriate commentary.  But these are some links that I’m going to check out and learn from:

Sarah from SpruceHill sent these:

Anyone else have helpful information to share?  I’ll keep comments open here, and edit to include links so that others affected can learn along with me….

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  1. JR says:

    My MIL — a five year breast cancer survivor in Canada — is a member of a breast cancer dragon boat team. The first crew was set up in BC in 1996 by a sports medicine physician to demonstrate (successfully) that upper body exercise *didn’t* cause lymphedema, and there are now dozens of crews across Canada and elsewhere.

    The link below outlines Dr McKenzie’s work on exercise and lymphedema, and followup studies on health benefits for breast cancer survivors who paddle (scroll down to the Abreast in a Boat section):

  2. Stephanie says:

    My husband’s physical therapist and certified lymphedema therapist puts out a monthly newsletter just about lymphedema. Her website is:

  3. whymommy says:

    Coolness, thanks! I’m linking to this again if others want to add….

    Also, I have a FABULOUS physical therapist who is certified in lymphedema prevention and treatment. I adore her. She works in D.C., so if anyone there wants her name, leave a comment on a new post and I’ll email you back!

  4. […] As with anything, though, the best treatment is prevention, so if you’re a new mastectomy patient, I would TOTALLY recommend seeing a good physical therapist who can help with lymphedema prevention.  More information and resources are listed here.  Feel free to add your links. […]

  5. Margerie says:

    Here is a site with fun and bright lymphedema compression sleeves:

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