Oh.  My heart.

My sweet boy.  Playing in the bath is one of his favorite things to do, at 14 months old.  He has so many things that he enjoys now, as he grows from babyhood into this new world of being a toddler.  (New world?  Surely I meant planet.  Toddler planet.)  I’m following the advice of a new book that Parent Bloggers  introduced me to recently (Your Child’s Strengths, by Jenifer Fox) and recording the kids’ strengths and interests even at their very young ages; it may be useful later, and it’s certainly fun now! 

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  2. Oh MY heart… He is so beautiful.

    You must be overwhelmed with pride.

    Happy Easter!!!

    xo CGF

  3. Kayris says:

    He is gorgeous! My baby just turned 16 months….and hates the bath. She’ll sit in the water fine, but the second I try to wash her? She screams and tries to climb out.

    Great blog!

    Kayris (Your neighbor is Baltimore)

  4. Kayris says:

    Whoops! That should say IN Baltimore!

  5. *swoon* beautiful boy…

  6. Meredith says:

    Leo- 15 months – also loves the bath. He has the little tub we took home from the hospital and uses it for his “creatures” – the squirt toys from Nana. Bath time at night is the biggest treat for this boy. And I look forward to when I say and sign “Bath Time?” It is just priceless when he franticly runs to the bathroom door. Just priceless.

  7. Anne says:

    Oh the places you will go…I love that I started reading your blog because of your experience with IBC, I love that I work with preschoolers, my own children are older . . . and your link to Your Childs Strengths is so relevant to me. Thank you for your Strengths, including the one in which you have an amazing ability to bring people together with your writing. Thank you for helping to connect mommy’s, thank you for sharing.

  8. christine says:

    you gotta love those sweet bubble bath shots!

  9. christine says:

    gotta love those bubble bath shots!

  10. canape says:

    Oh, I love him.

  11. mo-wo says:

    I will look into that book. Mr Little Big Guys strength these days seems to be doing a face plant in the emerging vegetable garden. Yucky and delightful.

    And, he’s good at making bread we found out this Easter.

    Belated happy easter to you all.

    ps.. he is cuteness incarnate

  12. ~JJ! says:

    Beautiful picture…

    Great idea recording your children’s strengths…I may have to copy you.

  13. whymommy says:

    Aw, thanks. He is my heart, and the SECOND time I’ve had to reluctantly believe the old canard about having children — having your heart walk around outside of your body.

  14. Ally says:

    Lovely, lovely photo. What a sweetie he is!

    And such a good idea, to record interests and traits.

  15. What a sweet, sweet little boy.

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