It’s not Starbucks, but ….

Every morning, just before 8, I roll out of the house with my soda, my newspaper, my lymphedema sleeve, and my zip up shirt, and head out to the radiation center.  I wave to the technician, change into a pink gown, and lie down on the treatment table.  And then, if I’m lucky, I close my eyes and dream of Spring.

Spring, when the forsythia blooms in earnest, popping yellow flowers out where just yesterday there were none.  Spring, when the sun begins to shine down on us with warmth and gentleness.  Spring, when children can again play in the parks for an hour or for a morning.  Spring, when babies laugh on blankets and yearn for more.

And then summer, when we will head to the beaches with our friends, playing in the surf and sand, earning our true sunburns instead of this faux sunburn that burns my right side and reminds me

that it is not yet summer, and I am still in treatment.


13 Responses to It’s not Starbucks, but ….

  1. The forsythia in my yard just started to bloom this week. Spring is here…which means summer is not far off.

    How long will you need radiation treatments?

  2. Soon it will be summer. I promise.


    xoxo CGF

  3. amanda says:

    Not Starbucks, but it’s you and another day. Here’s to a string of ’em leading to a magnificent summer.

  4. Angeline says:

    Soon it will be over. At least you are ‘seeing’ spring and not winter. Good for you! Keep up the good spirit.

    Its not easy, I know. My mom had relapse for 3 times, so she went through @#$%^ 3 times over a stretch of 20 years. Her strength comes from God above. Find that power, it makes the current life easier.

  5. NYfriend says:

    And you have such a beautiful forsythia bush right out your window. It will bloom soon, before you know it. Hang in there. 🙂 You are in the home stretch, the toughest part for patience.

    And as with our babes, the days may be long but the months will fly by.

    Hugs 🙂

  6. Bubba's Sis says:

    Those days are not far away, Sweetie – and you’ll be there to see them! Hang in there – I’m still praying for you every day! If you want a little taste of spring, stop by my Wordless Wednesday for this week – I took the pic in my yard and I will gladly share my spring with you!

    Bubba’s Mom had her surgery on Good Friday and everything looks good – we expect a report of clean margins this week, and she will begin her radiation treatments soon. Then she can officially say she kicked cancer’s butt THREE times!

  7. whymommy says:

    THREE times!

    I am such a newbie.

    I’ll shut up now.

    (Quiet, but praying for my IBC friend Susan in NJ, who has had a stroke and is not doing well.)

  8. sam says:

    Summer is SO around the corner! You’re almost there!!

  9. ~JJ! says:

    And so the seasons change along with our lives….

    Glad you are here to see them.

  10. Carrie says:

    It’ll be here before you know it! And you WILL have tons of opportunities to enjoy the sunshine! 🙂

  11. carosgram says:

    Thinking of you and wishing you the best!

  12. wont be long now my lovely.

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