Has too much time passed to participate in the truthiness project?

Since I roll outofbedintotheshowerintoahoodieandjeans and drivetoradiation all before I used to be up (and definitely before my morning soda), I tend to forget the camat radiationera.  But here’s what I’ve got, a picture of me, first thing in the morning, pre-makeup and hair, standing by my closet.

Well, it’s not actually my closet at home. It’s my closet at the radiation center, where I pick out a pink gown and walk down the long hall to radiation, where I get sunburn on top of sunburn, until all the cells on my chest are dead or screaming for help.  But after 25 days of this, with 10 to go, it sure feels like my closet.

I’m not asking for sympathy.  I’m happy now that I can do this and get through it and get better.  I’m happy because I have a chance to beat this thing into remission. I’m happy because I’m going to see so many of you at BlogHer this summer and be able to relax and learn just like all the rest of us.

But a part of me does still weep every time I hear of another young woman diagnosed or diagnosed again with cancer.

This. must. stop.

This post originally appeared at Toddler Planet and may not be reproduced without permission.  Especially the picture.  Oh, my.  The picture.

23 Responses to Truthiness

  1. Kacy says:

    Be strong – I will say a prayer. Get well soon.

  2. You are beautiful – with or without makeup… “sunburned” or not.

  3. Kimberly says:

    love the tee baby!

  4. Nancy says:

    You are so beautiful … inside and out.

    I look forward to meeting you this summer at BlogHer. I’ll be scouting you out =)

  5. whymommy says:

    Excellent! I’ll be the one with the REALLY short hair! Can’t wait to see you all!

  6. MammaLoves says:

    It must. It must. It must.

    Can’t wait to hang at BlogHer–or before.

  7. Kay Lynn says:

    I’m sure it’s rough, but hang in there, baby! You can make it through. My mom had to have radiation therapy, but I don’t really remember what it was like for her because it was a long time ago. Just hang in there and know that people are pulling for you.

  8. Ally says:

    Wow. This was beautiful. You are beautiful.

  9. You’re so lovely.

  10. Nancy says:

    You look fab, even (maybe especially!) without makeup.

    And better yet in real life. 🙂

  11. Susan K says:

    Makeup is overrated. You look great! Go enjoy spring!!

  12. Robin says:

    You look beautiful Susan.

    And I’ll be the one pouting because I’m not there meeting all of you at BlogHer ;-).

  13. Susan – you are beautiful. Thank you for spreading the word on Lisa – is putting together a raffle and there are donation buttons on her blog and mine.

  14. ~JJ! says:

    I love your truthiness…It’s inspiring.

  15. Margerie says:

    Keep crossing those days off, hopefully “Last one” will be here before you know it. I wanted to bring my own spatula to my last few radiation visits….

    And someone (who obviously didn’t know the deal) told me she loved my “art galllery owner” short hair- very “chic” LOL

    You are a smoking hot chic-haired lady!

  16. Oh, my, you are gorgeous in every. possible. way.

    In poor taste, but I have to say, the radiation “glow” brings new meaning to the compliment “You’re SMOKIN’!!”

    Ten more to go, you say???


    xoxo CGF

  17. whymommy says:

    Thanks, Karen. I heard the news about Lisa from your tweets and was immediately moved. Hey, I have a crazy idea about how to get her and the family to Disney … will email you.

  18. holli says:

    I think you look beautiful. I want to do whatever I can to help promote research – I think I’m going to do the National Walk with Faith. My family has had a bad month – we found out my mom permanently lost her vision because of one of her cancer drugs. It makes me have so many mixed feelings, because she gets so much joy from art and visual things – I just want them to hurry hurry hurry and learn everything they can to get people well and keep them from getting sick. Do you still have 10 more to go? You can do eeeet!!!


  19. NYfriend says:

    I prefer your “pre-makeup” look anyway, but that’s not going to surprise you coming from me. 😉

    Ten to go – yippee! You are soooo almost there! Tell all those little cells, to just hang in there a little longer.

    Yes, this craziness of cancer occurring so frequently, and for so many young people has to *stop.* There are so many chemicals in our lives that we are not even remotely aware of, and some that we are aware of but don’t think twice about it. I really think that we all have to dig deep and look to detoxifying our lives as best as we can (I know you already do a ton of this!). Everything from food, cleaning products, dishes, carpets and furniture, toys, just about everything! 😛

    I know that’s not the full answer by ANY stretch, nor is it possible to avoid all the chemical exposure in our lives. But maybe, just maybe it will help one person. And that would make it all worth while. 🙂

    Okay, I’ve kept mum on this for a long time, but you keep mentioning it, so now I-can’t-hold-it-in-much-longer-or-I-will-explode-aaaahhhhh– – DITCH THE SODAS!!! Especially the DIET crap. Please, pretty please. 🙂

    Big hugs. 🙂

  20. Ree says:

    You’re lovely. And

    It has to stop. Someday. We can dream.

  21. whymommy says:

    I hear you, NYfriend. I do the best I can, but just one soda in the morning makes me soooooooo happy all day long….

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  23. Dawn says:

    I think this picture rocks. Especially the tshirt!

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