A thousand miles

If a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, then I am convinced that my journey back to wellness begins with 10,000 steps a day.  Or 2-4 miles of solid walking/exercise.  I’ve been walking consistently once or twice a day since I fniished radiation, and I’m finally building up some strength.  Whew.  Finally. 

Inspired by a friend who did the Avon walk, I went to REI this week and bought a pedometer to encourage me to walk and stay active throughout the day.  It was a declaration of freedom, of goal-setting, of finally moving beyond my neighborhood.  No longer must I push the stroller on the same 1-3 mile routes that I mapped out in the car on the way to preschool.  No longer do I get discouraged because I didn’t get out on a rainy day.  Now, I just steal a glance at the pedometer and see that I’m getting exercise in my daily routine.  I check it before and after walks, and find out how far I’ve gone, without having to stick to a particular route.

On Monday, I walked 2 miles with my family, and logged a total of 5,500 steps.  Yesterday, I walked 3.5 miles, but logged a total of 21,000 steps.  That’s the inspiration of a pedometer — rather than groan at the thought of going up and down the stairs once again to check on the laundry, I cheer and jog up and down, knowing that the numbers all add up to a healthier me.

How do you add exercise into your everyday routine? 


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  1. You rock!

    I’m trying I’m really trying.

  2. Sigh.


    At least you’re an inspiration to me!

  3. I wear a pedometer too and aim for 10,000 steps. If I havens made it by evening, I get up and wander around the living room during commercials while watching TV. Every little bit helps and it sounds like you’re doing great!

  4. Funny thing but my Oncologist just told me the best thing I can do to help myself at the moment is walk each day and build up my strength. Gotta get me one of those pedometers! I’ll have to start very slowly though because I think my muscles have turned to jelly they are very weak but he’s right, I know it, I need to do this, it will help with everything else including getting through the chemo. Somedays I’ll be wrecked I guess but if I can walk even a tiny way I will. Take care babe and thanks for sharing xx

  5. Damselfly says:

    21,000 steps! Whoa!

    We walk as a family after dinner, just around the neighborhood. Then afterward while my husband gives Fly a bath, I do some light weights.

  6. Linda Sue says:

    I use a pedometer also – after about a year I refer to it as the pedominatrix! I use a free website to motivate myself – http://www.walkertracker.com – one of my comrades at WT has been going through chemo and finishes radiation next Friday – not IBC but her own battle with breast cancer. Congratulations – I’ve followed your journey and lurked here but decided to cheer on your pedometer decision – hooray and keep on steppin’

  7. Thanks for the motivation to keep on walking–I’ve been walking too, about 2 miles a day. I’m taking my baby out for a walk when she wakes up.

    Just got my copy of Health magazine in the mail today and found the article on you! You’re doing an amazing job getting the word out there.

  8. Angeline says:

    You are truly an inspiration to others!

    Does climbing up and down the sofa and bed with your kids; bending forward every other step to pick up their toys; doing the laundry and hanging them out to sun consider as exercise in everyday life? *wink*

  9. Anne says:

    5 km every day. Try out gmap.pedometer.com to map out new routes in your area. Plus a lot of hands on gardening for building strength, not to mention the sheer joy of growing something green.

  10. clifford says:

    Run to the vending machines. Walk back. At least twice a day.

  11. canape says:

    Dang Cliff. Beat me to the smart ass punch.

    I was going to say that I get up and get my own beer instead of asking my husband to bring it to me.

  12. Maybe I should get a pedometer to motivate me, because I am having trouble summoning the energy to walk up the stairs just to go to bed. 🙂

    Sounds like you are doing great! Kepp it up, good for you!

  13. whymommy says:

    Okay, so I’ve only hit 20,000 steps once this week … but it was exciting enough to blog about! You guys crack me up….

  14. mayberry says:

    The last time I tried a pedometer I could not get it to work right. I really need to try again.

    I am going to sound like a shill but I love Exercise TV on demand on cable. Hundreds of workouts of all different lengths and intensities and styles — so it’s easy to find one that’s right for my needs at the time.

  15. I got a fancy new stroller that I feel a little bit guilty about spending so much money, so I walk away the guilt. I also pack up the stroller the night before so that we’re ready to go in the morning. When we’re rushed, even if I want to drive, it would take more time to move all my crap to the car. The best is that I pay myself when I exercise and keep a counter on my blog. I HATE walking just for the purpose of walking, so I try to walk to as many errands as possible. I love Anne’s idea of checking out gmap.pedometer.com . I’m going there now!

    Keep it up – you’re quite the inspiration.

  16. Donna W says:

    My husband and I take our half-hour walk after breakfast, before we start anything.

  17. ~JJ! says:

    Oh man, good for you.

    I’ve been so lazy these past weeks.

    I love the gym, but I have lost some time here and there and lose momentum at the same time.

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