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The June issue of Health Magazine has a feature article on IBC (and me)!  It was written by freelance writer and Toddler Planet reader Margaret Renkl.  It doesn’t include nearly as much on Team WhyMommy as I had hoped, but otherwise it’s fantastic. 

Check it out — and let’s compliment Margaret Renkl and Health Magazine on a great article!  (I’m told this is the first article in a popular magazine on IBC.  Hurrah!)


14 Responses to Health Magazine

  1. clmama says:

    This is an excellent article, well written and heart-felt. Excellent. You go Susan. You are changing the world with how you are sharing your experience. You are a hero. Keep on walking, sister. You shine!!!

  2. HeatherK says:

    You’ll never know how many lives you’ve touched by sharing your story. Great article! Thank you, Margaret! I absolutely adored the photo of you and WhyDaddy.

  3. mummycha says:

    That’s brilliant! And that’s a big deal indeed that this is the first article on IBC in a popular magazine. I am pretty sure that most people like me had not heard of IBC before hearing about your story. The title of the article is so right. It will certainly make a difference in many people’s life.
    You rock!

  4. Heather.PNR says:

    I am so impressed with how far the ripples have spread from your efforts to educate people about IBC. It’s really inspiring.

  5. catnip35 says:

    The article was beautifully written. What a success in your quest to spread the word!

  6. Amelie says:

    You’re raising awareness so much, and you are so honest about the fight (your fight!) against cancer. You are truly inspiring.

  7. Bon says:

    i’m thinking back to almost a year ago, when you found out, and the goals you had for the year. to survive, and fight, and win, and spread the word, and be with your boys. you’ve been amazingly successful on all fronts…i am so impressed, so relieved, so proud of you.

  8. What a WONDERFUL article, Susan. It is so beautifully written– and the photos of you and your family are fantastic.

    You will never know how many lives you have touched, and how much awareness you have raised by sharing your story with all of us.

    Sending you much love, as always!!

    xo CGF

  9. sprucehillfarm says:

    Susan I loved the article. I am so proud of you. I have tears in my eyes! Thank you for all your support!
    Love ya:)

  10. Alison says:

    Great article!! You must be incredibly proud! Your strength is amazing!

  11. Damselfly says:

    That’s great! Congratulations!

  12. Mrs. Davis says:

    De-lurking to say CONGRATS on a very nice article! Great pics, too.

  13. Excellent article. I got all choked up for you.

  14. Stimey says:

    This is so excellent! What a fantastic article.

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