Can’t stop smiling.

I can’t stop smiling.

Even though I had to ask for help at Target this morning, I can’t stop smiling.  (hello … how DO people with disabilities continually manage to ASK for help in everyday situations?  I mean, really, can I just take my cart to my car already?  Must it be LOCKED behind that invisible line just outside the store?) (Rant over.) (The answer is yes.  I CAN just take my cart to my car already.  But I have to ask nicely and show the man in the red polo shirt my near-useless arm before they’ll unlock the cart so that I can take my $100 worth of terribly necessary plastic and socks to the car without having to make four trips and leave my loot unattended.)

Even though I went downtown and had to answer, “What happened to your arm, Susan?” five times, once for each of the people I spoke to at my old office (except two friends!), none of whom knew that I had cancer last year.  Trust me, the swollen/scarred arm is the least of my worries.

Even though … oh, never mind.

I can’t stop smiling.


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  1. Stimey says:

    Rock the hell on, Susan. I’m happy to read this.

    (And I hate that invisible line at Target too. I will inevitably forget about it until I have three kids and 50 pounds of goods. Seriously. Why can’t we go out that side?)

  2. linda young says:

    Beth and I can’t stop smiling either!
    Love, Mrs. Young

  3. De in D.C. says:

    See – they thought something was wrong with your arm; not that you were sick. Just like the nurse in the hospital a few weeks ago. How does it feel not to look sick? Everyone should be able to smile for such a good reason!

  4. Smiling right along with you!

    And what the heck is the invisible line at Target???

  5. We’re all smiling with you, too– three little girlies, and me!

    So very, very happy for you!!

    Love, as always, CGF xo

  6. Krista says:

    You can’t take a cart out? What happens when you have the use of two arms and still bought too much stuff to carry it? That doesn’t make any sense to me! But then again, most of Target’s policies don’t make sense to me anymore! 😉

  7. Mrs. Davis says:

    Smile away! you have every reason to….

    And just ask for help! It’s a good way to test people’s humanity. If someone refuses to help a young mother – regardless of her (dis)ability or health issues – screw them!

  8. ilinap says:

    Smiling with you. Peace out.

  9. Jill Aldrich says:

    Hella cool news! I’m delighted for you!



    PS: I’m still working on my MWC intro. Under big deadlines this week…but looking forward to joining the group.

  10. Becki says:

    You deserve to smile. I’m smiling with you.

  11. You made me smile too. Haven’t been here in a while… so many blogs. Can’t wait to see you at blogher and so happy for you.

  12. Susan K says:

    OK, so you came into the office AGAIN without telling me?!?!?

    You obviously need to move to a place where Target doesn’t lock their carts. JEESH – come down by us. Carts all over the place (crashing into cars, covered in rain,but yes, by your car).

  13. margaret says:

    You can’t bring your cart to your car? That’s messed up. They should expand the line to the end of the parking lot. I guess it helps keep the carts near the store so they don’t have to send a cart boy out.

    Glad your smiling!

  14. whymommy says:

    I see the Target cart thing struck a chord. Really? It’s not like that in other places in the country? That would be so nice….

  15. De in D.C. says:

    Heck, it’s not like that at the Burke or Fair Lakes Targets! You need to move to the right side of the river 😉 I always say those Marylanders are no good.

    (Ok, no I don’t, MD people are awesome, as are DC and VA people)

  16. Amelie says:

    I didn’t even understand you at first — you mean you cannot take the cart outside to where your car is parked? That’s certainly not the case in Germany, and neither here in Spain I think, though I’m not sure (because I don’t have a car).

    Besides this, smiling along with you.

  17. Lisa says:

    Okay, can’t help adding to the Target cart discussion. 🙂 I’m the DCUM reader and admirer who recognized the stroller-free butterflies, because those are ten minutes from my house…and I can definitely recommend the Silver Spring Target, as I am there constantly with my three small children and the massive double-seat carts! (I could swear I’ve taken my cart to the car at Wheaton and Rockville too, but maybe I’m wrong or rules are changing!)
    You continue to be in my prayers. Wishing you peace and joy.

  18. katy says:

    You brought a smile my lips too……Thank the good Lord above!

  19. Jill Aldrich says:

    Hey Susan,

    I’ve got my MWC intro and first post but no email address for you. Could you email it to jillaldrichatcomcastdotnet?

    And can I say one more time, whoo hoo!


  20. JessicaAPISS says:


    So happy for you.

    Smile on sister.

  21. janefrantz says:

    Susan … I just read your article in “Health” magazine. I’m touched by your story and inspired by your courage. I have a question for you, that I’d like to ask you privately. Can you email me at please. Many thanks and God’s blessings be upon you and yours. j

  22. liz says:

    great news. WONDERFUL NEWS!

  23. Been thinking about you a lot today, soaking in the good news. So happy!

  24. Sarah S. says:

    I love Target! I can’t get out of that store with out spending $100 on uneeded items. We do not have an invisible line here in MD were I live. Does it just prevent you from going so far in the parking lot? Geesh what a pain in the bumm!

  25. I am so happy to hear the good news about your scan! Yeah for you, your beautiful boys, and your wonderful husband!

  26. JoC says:

    Very happy for the negative scan. Glad too that they did it (and did it quickly!) eventhough it sent shivers through all of us. Wooooohooo! Smile on!

  27. Ally says:

    What the heck with your Target store? I take my cart to my van all the time with no barrier… strange stuff, that.

    I’m all smiles, here, thinking of you back at work.

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