Unbelievably dense

Apparently, I’ve been unbelievably dense. One of the sites that I found when I was first diagnosed was Lemonland, now renamed Worldwide Breast Cancer. I loved the irreverent images and quirky t-shirts, but I think I missed most of the point. The Mayor over there uses this image of a dozen lemons in an egg carton to illustrate things that can go wrong with our breasts, without using actual images or pictures. I always looked at that egg carton and saw just the one “bad lemon,” but there are 12 signs of breast cancer illustrated there. D’oh.

I’d copy and paste the image here, to show you what I mean, but maybe you’d like to see it for yourself. Here’s your ticket to Lemonland.

The Mayor, by the way, is an incredibly generous person. Shortly after I posted that we needed help making a header image and a button for Mothers With Cancer, she not only volunteered to talk to us about it, she went ahead and designed one. And it’s perfect. Pop over there and see what I mean — the banner is fabulous, and the button will be a great addition to any blog. Go on. Go. It’s free for the taking, and maybe it will help us reach that mom that we’re trying to find … the one who’s just been diagnosed and feels that her world is falling in around her.  She needs to know we’re out there; she needs to know that she doesn’t have to go through this alone.


5 Responses to Unbelievably dense

  1. Jenny says:

    How clever! I had never heard of the lemons before.

  2. justenjoyhim says:

    What a great site!

  3. Alison says:

    The lemons are awesome! That would be a great PSA campaign. A giant poster in doctor offices, in any offices!!!

    I’m totally adding your button to my blog!!!

    I think what you’re doing is AWESOME!

  4. youroldestfriend'swife says:

    A dozen signs? Up until a year ago, I only knew of one–the lump. Thanks for the help.

    Maybe this is still a good time to remind everyone, here at the turn of the calendar month, to do your self-exam. We now have a better idea about what to take notice.

  5. Kacy says:

    Love the site and the mayor was so kind to help. More unison on matters as such can help in the healing process mentally.

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