Finally, the news

Finally, the news I’ve been waiting for. Are those big (4.5 cm and 5.5 cm) cysts on my ovary the big C — cancer — or just the little c — cysts? The worry started weeks ago, when I had my quarterly CT scan to check for metastasis. Then the oncologist sent me for an ultrasound. Then my ob/gyn didn’t like the looks of the ultrasound results, so he did a blood test. For the last 8 days, I’ve been waiting for results of the Ca-125 and other biomarkers. Today, I got up the nerve to call and ask if my test results were in.

They were. But for the actual results, I’ll let almost-four-year-old Widget tell you, just as he told WhyDaddy today when he came home from work.

“Daddy, guess what? Mommy’s doctor says that she’s not sick anymore!” he said excitedly, waiting just a moment before he finished his story with his most exciting conclusion,

“Now I can jump on her.”

Um, yeah. That about sums it up. Climbing, jumping, having fun … life here on Toddler Planet. For now, it’s life without cancer, and I am very grateful.


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    I am so very happy for you, WhyDaddy, and the boys.

    No go back to your life as Walking, Talking, Cuddling Play toy for your beautiful babies.

  2. Lisa says:

    Yippee!! Hooray!!!

  3. jane says:

    yay!!! i’ve been reading you for a few months (ever since we got an IBC diagnosis in my family – ) and i am so relieved for you and your darling family. i wish so much that you are cured forever – keep thinking positive. you’re an inspiration to us all… you are an excellent writer. i will keep checking on you. God bless you!

  4. mcgearstella says:

    What wonderful news!!

    So exciting!

  5. Keryn says:


  6. Randi says:


  7. Susan K says:


    How many of us are walking around with benign cysts lurking, never to be found, never to cause a problem or a worry… and for people like you, already through so much, they DO get found and you have days or weeks of needless worry. The double=edged sword of modern medicine I guess.

    I am so glad your weight is over and you can relax and enjoy these dog days of summer.

    And by the way, you look GREAT! Can I just say that?

  8. HeatherK says:

    Here’s to lots more tackling Mommy, toddlers fighting naps, food throwing at mealtime and all the other chaos of life….oh and the sweet snuggles and all that too! πŸ˜‰

  9. chantillylace1979 says:

    Fantastic! I am sooo happy for you!

  10. Tracy says:

    Yay! And you look radiant in your new profile pic!

  11. Tears in my eyes and laughing…so happy for this great news!

  12. ilinap says:

    Man, this makes me incredibly happy. Now I’m not going to reprimand my boys for jumping on me anymore.

  13. lauriekw says:

    That is the news I’ve been waiting for! Hooray!

  14. I’m with Widget– jumping up and down!!!!

    Sweetie, we’re so happy for you!

    xoxo CGF and Girlies 3

  15. I’m jumping up and down too – hooray!

  16. Margaret R. says:

    Oh, Susan, I’m so, so relieved! Thank you for letting us know right away.

  17. Sara says:

    As a long time lurker, I felt the need to tell you my heart burst with happiness for you when I read your wonderful news. Here’s to happiness, health,love and family.

  18. Stimey says:

    Geez, the suspense. Next time I see you I’m going to jump on you too.

    Congratulations. Congratulations. I am really happy right now.

  19. Jennie says:

    Congratulations! I am SO happy for you. Enjoy all that jumping πŸ™‚

  20. JessicaAPISS says:

    Praise the Lord. I am so happy for you.

    Funnily enough, I read that post too quickly to get to the answer and for a minute thought it was WhyDaddy that was excited he could jump you.

    (But hoping that is just another bonus!)

  21. Mrs. Davis says:

    Hooray!!!!! (And your new headshot is AWESOME!)

  22. canape says:

    You’re lucky I’m back in Raleigh or I’d jump on you too.

  23. BetteJo says:

    Sounds like something WonderDaddy should be saying!


  24. Kelly says:

    Great, great news.

  25. KG says:

    Yeah!!! I love reading updates like this. πŸ™‚

    I’ve written this before, and I’ll say it again: your courage continually inspires.

  26. Ally says:

    Susan, I am so happy to hear this good news. “Now I can jump on her.” That is just so sweet, and the perfect description of a toddler having his mommy back, able to participate in all of the fun.

  27. mandi says:

    oh that’s wonderful!! tears of joy here!

  28. mummycha says:

    This is great news, congratulations!

  29. momma knows says:

    You should treat yourself to a day of pampering and fun, with not one thought of cancer or anything you’ve been through. I’m so proud of you, you fought and you won! YAY!!

  30. That is wonderful news. You can relax, breath and enjoy…

  31. NYfriend says:

    Ya-freaking-hoo! I am so happy for you!! πŸ™‚

  32. mammaloves says:

    I think we need to rent a moonbounce! Let the jumping commence.

    Good news darlin’. Great f*cking news!!

  33. Marnie Webb says:

    Ah. That’s just terrific news and expressed with perfect toddler joy.

  34. Lady M says:

    Wonderful news. Enjoy the jumping!

    And I love the new headshot. I need to get mine posted too.

  35. Robin says:


  36. Char says:

    That’s so awesome! I’m so happy for you and your family.

  37. sprucehillfarm says:

    Deep breath………. Yay! I am so glad and happy there will be lots of jumping at your house.

  38. Bon says:

    thank god. may you be jumped on with joy until you beg for a break. πŸ™‚

  39. Andrea says:

    YAY!!!! That’s great news. BTW, your new picture is beautiful! It was great to see you again at BlogHer.

  40. Nicole says:


    God Bless


  41. jillaldrich says:

    Fabulous! Terrific! Thank God! Whoo hoo!

  42. Hurrah! Hurray! You made my day!

  43. jenn says:

    Oh, I was so holding my breath reading this… finally at the end I let out a huge sigh of relief for you! SO HAPPY!!!!! Rock on, girl (not that you wouldn’t have if the news were any different, but now you can rock on with a lot less anxiety, I’m sure!)

  44. mamamaven says:

    Yeah! We’ll be jumping for joy for you instead of jumoing on you.

  45. SuzyQatHome says:

    YAY!!!! I know this must be a load off your mind.

    This post cracked me up as I was reading fast and thought that WonderDaddy said β€œNow I can jump on her.”

    Which sounds totally awesome in it’s own way also. πŸ™‚

    Let me know what they decide to do about the cysts – I’m hoping no more surgery!

  46. Oh, that rocks! Wonderful, wonderful news.

  47. YAY!!!! I have been worried about you and couldn’t be more happy! What wonderful news to hear after seeing your smiling face last week at BlogHer. Love ya! Now LET’S LIVE!


  48. Amelie says:

    yay!! I’d jump if I was Widget, though probably not on you… These are wonderful news.

  49. twithhoney says:

    That boy certainly has his priorities straight. I’m glad to hear the great news!

  50. NoRegrets says:

    Oh, that is hilarious! and congrats!

  51. magpie says:

    damn you put on a good show at BlogHer…so happy to hear this news.

  52. Leanne says:

    Oh can I jump on you too??! SO exciting!!! Congratulations!

  53. planetnomad says:

    I LOVE the new headshot! You look fantastic! And I’m rejoicing with you at this WONDERFUL news. I remember I’d just started reading you when you were describing these weird symptoms and I remember getting a really bad feeling about it and worrying about you…and now here you are, through it and out the other side. CONGRATULATIONS! I’m looking forward to continuing to read about all the other aspects of your life πŸ™‚

  54. justenjoyhim says:

    β€œNow I can jump on her.”

    HAHAHAHA!!! He sounds just like my son!!!

    I am ecstatic for your news!!!

  55. sam says:

    YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (yes, I like exclamation points!)

    That’s the best news EVER!

  56. Owlhaven says:

    Woohoooo!!!!!!!!!!! Wonderful news indeed!

    Mary, mom to many

  57. wonderful! leave it to the kids to say it perfectly.
    ps. beautiful new pic of you

  58. Jyber says:


    I am delighted for you, as well as for your family. Wishing you lots of jumps, lots of joy, lots of years ahead.

    I concur with those who think the new pic is GREAT!

    Jyber/Joan (usually a lurker who comes out into the daylight only on special occasions)

  59. tori says:

    Hooray! I am so incredibly happy about this news!

  60. carosgram says:

    I’ve been checking back everyday hoping to hear this great news. God Bless!

  61. pilgrim mom says:

    Yes!!! Go ahead and jump Widget! Our hearts jump for joy with you.

  62. HOORAY!!!! I am jumping up and down for you and your family!!!

  63. Christy says:

    So incredibly wonderful!!!!! Yipeeeeeee!!!!!

  64. Jenny says:

    We are so happy for you. Lots of hugs sent to you and your family from a small little town in Illinois.

  65. mod*mom says:

    fabulous news susan!

  66. That is wonderful news! (the test results, but maybe not the jumping)

  67. LD says:

    Such wonderful news πŸ™‚ Your family must be so, so happy.

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