Do you keep a scrapbook?  Do you?  I did.  I used to take photographs all the time, upload them to an online site, and get prints made every month.  Then I’d put them in neatly labeled and captioned books, or make online books every 6 months for my kids and their grandparents.  All that stopped on the date I was diagnosed, June 16, 2007.  I have still been taking pictures, but I have NOT been sending them off, printing them out, or otherwise looking at them at all, beyond the occasional post to my blog to show the progress of my disease or a particularly cute hat.  Today, that changed.  Today, I realized that I owe this to my children, to stand up and look at the photos of their first and third year, respectively, and to select the photos that they’ll use to remember this time with Mommy and Daddy.  It’s what needs to be done.

But it’s so, so hard to look at photos of that bald head.

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  1. Mama DB says:

    It was a beautiful bald head. And just look at you now! Gorgeous.

  2. I can imagine that it IS hard. There is a period of my own life that I find difficult to look back on in photographs, too.

    But, Susan… I hope when you do look at photos of your “former self”, you take a moment to think about how incredibly far you’ve come since then, and how strong you are!

    You are such an amazing, beautiful person– inside and out!

    Lots of love, CGF xo

  3. yertle says:

    Thanks for this reminder to do something with my photos as well.

  4. I can only imagine how hard that would be. My wedding was the last social event that my mother-in-law went to. We were married October 17th and she went back into the hospital after Thanksgiving. She died January 9th.

    This October, we will be married 10 years and I have probably only looked at my photos less than 20 times. It just hurts too much to see her.

  5. mod*mom says:

    every days a good day + every picture of you alive is precious 🙂

  6. ilinap says:

    A beautiful head nonetheless. I am so impressed at your photo organization. I have everything filed by month on my laptop (backed up, of course!) but I have yet to print anything. There’s really no excuse since it’s so easy these days.

    You’ve inspired me yet again!

  7. mandi says:

    hugs. i can’t even imagine how hard it must be to look back on that time. try to keep in mind that you’re here, you got thru it.

  8. Cathy says:

    I’m so glad to hear you’re scrapbooking those days… they are an important part of your family history – like it or not. I’ve just started including some of my own family history that I would rather just pretend never happened… after I finished one of those pages I actually feel better about doing it. I hope the same happens for you!

  9. m says:

    I of course can only imagine how it feels to look at some of those photos. But I hope you will find pleasure in the making of the scrapbooks nonetheless. I scrapbook (nothing fancy, but I do keep up with it), and my two boys get a huge kick out of looking at their books. You wouldn’t think that about an 11 and 14-year-old, but I know they treasure them already. Your scrapbooks are a gift of love, not only because of the memories they preserve and the stories they tell, but because they were made by you. The gift that keeps on giving: Big books of mama love!

  10. Margaret R. says:

    Would it make you feel better to know that there are people out here who haven’t put a picture in an album since, um, 1996? AND who haven’t written a word in a single baby book? AND who haven’t kept a daily blog that celebrates their children in the most profound ways imaginable and that is followed by thousands of people eager to read every brilliant, heart-wrenching, and inspiring word?

    Don’t do it if you don’t want to do it. You can always go back and do it later on, when it isn’t so hard. There *will* be a “later on.”

  11. I don’t have the patience to scrapbook, believe it or not. I blog, that is my scrap book…or on some occasions my Crap-book.

    I am happy you are scrapbooking again. It’s the little things you know?

  12. Congratulations for your decision to start scrapbooking again. Your children will benefit enormously from this effort you are making. And who knows? Scrapbooking may become a welcome, stress reducing aspect of your life. As for your bald head — display those photos proudly as a demonstration of your commitment to health and well being.

  13. The Mrs. says:

    I love to scrapbook. I haven’t done it for over 6 months as other things became more important to focus on with the birth of my second child and my father being diagnosed with cancer. I think I need to start that up again. Happy Scrapbooking!

  14. Karen says:

    Its easy to scrap the good times – but essential to do the not so good ones too – thats where your journalling is so important. You could incorporate some of your blog posts. It is amazing when my girls look back at my books – I see the hell I was living in – they remember what we were enjoying.

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