APB: Midwestern Mommy

My friend (and cousin, as it turns out!) Midwestern Mommy is in the hospital today, beginning her fight against cancer.  Please go give her all the love you can spare.

I’ll buckle down and get things ready for her over at Mothers With Cancer.  Up to now, the site has been preparing for “the next mom to get cancer, wherever she may be.”  Today, the abstract became real.  That “next mom” is suddenly “my friend.” 

All this just got serious.

(The follow-up post on scrapbooking can wait.)


7 Responses to APB: Midwestern Mommy

  1. mammaloves says:

    Just as I was feeling so positive about you–this. It’s too, too real.

  2. I just read about her diagnosis last night…

    She is in my thoughts and prayers. It really “hit home” with me because my sister just told me last night that she has to have a biopsy on Friday to learn if she has Uterine Cancer. She is a newly single mom of three…

  3. abunslife says:

    Go get your Team Midwestern Mommy button here:

    Those of us who live close are getting things ready for her here too! I’m going back to your old post for advice…I had hoped I wouldn’t ever need to.

  4. Susie says:

    Thanks for pointing her out. I know we will all rally to support her too.

  5. Babe, I found out last night from a tweet by Jenny the Bloggess. The internetz are rallying behind her. We will be there for her.

    Smootches my lovely.

  6. I am sorry to hear about your cousin. I hate that the cancer baton keeps getting passed on……….

  7. Did you see the news? It isn’t cancer!

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