Scrapbooking … still

The scrapbooking project came to a screaming halt earlier this week when … our kitchen sprung a leak and we had to decamp to another state.  No, no, we’re all fine now, and moving back in to the recently-wet, recently-moldy, but now-mostly-old-and-icky shell-of-a-kitchen tomorrow (okay, technically, we aren’t moving back into the kitchen, exactly, but we’ll probably traipse through there a few hundred times on the way to the back yard) … but it has been a distracting few days.

Did I get work done?  No, I shopped for a new kitchen floor.

Did we go to the park?  No, we went to Home Depot to look for new kitchen cabinets.

Did I get Widget’s birthday presents bought?  No, but I did buy the kids mac and cheese at Ikea when we were casing their kitchen displays.

Did I even so much as download my email earlier this week?  No, but I fell for a new countertop at Lowe’s and I am convinced that it will make me want to spend more time in the kitchen.

Did I blog as promised?  No.  Oh, and I just realized that we’ll need to pick out a new oven too.  Not because of the flood, though.  Because of an unfortunate short last week.  Not that it crimped my cooking style or anything.  (Cereal rarely requires an oven.)

So the pictures are uploaded to Shutterfly and sent off to the grandparents, but they’re not printed or photoshopped or scrapbooked or anything else.

I durn well better not get hit by a bus on the way back home tomorrow.

Anyone have time-saving tips for making a barely-acceptable we-were-there scrapbook?  And by that, I mean, will you all still speak to me if the best I can get done is 500 photos scotch taped to album pages with an occasional caption?


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  1. Katie says:

    I really like I made a vacation photo book with them in like 5 hours total, from download to upload when it was finished.

    The interesting thing I like is it will put all the pictures by date taken on the pages for you if you want or you can do it all manually 🙂

    Hope that helps a little

  2. Jo says:

    First of all, thank you for the comment on my blog. I started reading here when you were diagnosed and have just been amazed by you throughout your battle. You were also one of the ones that have inspired me to talk more about my own cancer.

    As for scrapbooking, I’ve been wanting to do scrapbooking for so long but I just never get to it and with my ADD I’m afraid I’ll start one and then never finish it. LOL.

    I think 500 photos scotch taped to album pages with an occasional caption sounds pretty dang good. 🙂

  3. Krista says:

    I’ll still like you… as long as you promise to at least buy something other than scotch tape to put your pictures in with! Please! 😉
    Anyway, you can get these photo sticker squares that are way easier and nicer than scotch tape anyway. I think they’re Pioneer brand, but I’m sure you can find the equivalent at any craft store that has scrapbooking supplies!

  4. Simple:
    Put photos in order in a box.
    Crop photos while you watch kids play/watch tv/wait for laundry and put them back in the box in order.
    Take a strip of paper and put it along the side of the page.
    Slap pix on page with acid free adhesive.
    Journal AFTER all the pix are in the book.
    Much easier.

  5. m says:

    I second what Ladybug Crossing suggests, except I would journal as you go. I find it a drag to have aaaaaaallllllll that writing to do after pasting up a bunch of pages. It doesn’t need to be detailed; place, date, a few “bullet item” comments. Add a sticker or two at a later date if you see some you like in a craft store.

    They don’t need to be fancy to be special.

    Though I know it wasn’t in your plan, the updated kitchen will be fun (when it’s done)!

  6. Jezer says:

    I don’t have the time or the patience to scrapbook. I buy the photo albums that you slide the photos into. Most of these have a little lined margins where you can include a caption if you want. Usually, I don’t want. Heh.

    I take a TON of photos, so I buy the prepaid plan from Shutterfly for 0.12 per photo. The beautiful thing about Shutterfly is that the date the photo was TAKEN (not uploaded) is magically printed on the back of the photo.

    Also, I’m pretty sure a new countertop will indeed increase your time in the kitchen.

  7. Lauren says:

    The great thing about scrapbooking is there is no wrong way. The most important part about any scrapbook is the pictures and the story so if all you can do is get the pictures attached and the who what where when of them written down than that is a great book. I love the creative side to scrapbooking but honestly when we are all long long gone and our great great grandkids are looking at these books they will not care what patterened papers you chose. They will care about the photos and the the words you wrote.

    Have fun. If you can’t tell I love to scrapbook but I am sadly far behind as well.

  8. NoRegrets says:

    Oh, what kind of countertop? I’m moving into my new place and redoing my kitchen. I’m thinking of Silestone but not sure I should spend the money…

    Sorry about yours btw…

  9. mayberry says:

    My solution was to whine and beg until finally my mother took all my photo CDs, then printed, sorted, organized, and stuffed her little heart out. YAY GRANDMA!

  10. Anne says:

    Blurb is definitely the way I’d go. It’s dead simple to use, they are reliable, they have pre-formatted templates that are quite nice and … anyone who wants a copy can just go to the Blurb bookstore and purchase a copy – you won’t have to do anything!

    BTW … after the battle you just fought this past year … a flooded kitchen must be trivial. 🙂

  11. Girl, I tried to do the scrapbooking thing. I bought all the stuff and realised I just don’t have the patience. Or talent.

    Good luck with the new kitchen! At least one good thing right? An awesome new kitchen!

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