At the playground

One of my boys has a habit of twisting a lock of his hair absentmindedly when he is tired or thinking intently.

I think it’s adorable.

Another mother and I were at the playground this weekend and she remarked that her daughter does the same thing. And then she went a step further, saying confidently, “She used to twist my hair the same way when we cuddled. Did your boy?”


Not really.

But only because I didn’t have any hair for him to twist.

Stupid cancer. I was minding my own business, just enjoying watching my kids play and talking to another mom, and there you are again. The elephant in the room. The buttinski, the interrupter, the drunk guy at the cocktail party, leaning unwelcomely on your shoulder and making things unpleasant.

Really. I just want to hang out with my friends sometimes, ya know?

It wasn’t her fault. She didn’t know. So I just smiled, answered noncommittedly, and changed the subject.

7 Responses to At the playground

  1. NoRegrets says:


    See the video I posted for a giggle/smile. Though I’m sure you see that every day with your boys…

  2. A says:

    I do love the your ‘do though….

  3. mammaloves says:

    I probably would have made a joke about it and mentioned the cancer, but I know what you mean…that party crasher is annoying and has terrible breath.

  4. clifford says:

    Nice do, babe. Good to see you’ve returned to the girl I know/love/drink icees/bum rides to class wif.

  5. VDog says:

    That’s tough.

    We all have our “things” that people don’t know about and that can sting us internally.

    I hope your sting lessens soon.


  6. You did the right thing.

    What else could you do?

  7. Sweetie it is gunna happen. But if it wasn’t for the lack of hair you wouldn’t be there watching him twirl his.

    I personally thank God you lost your hair. Cause that was part of you being here.

    And I twirl my hair too…

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