Not as fun as water balloons

Hi.  I’ve been kinda quiet lately, because there’s something on the horizon, and I (as usual) don’t really want to talk about it.

Except (as usual), really I do.

You see, I have these two rather large cysts stretching out my right ovary and causing me some trouble.  Not cancer — thank goodness! — but trouble and pain and grouchiness nonetheless.  One is 5 cm across, and one is 6 cm.  Or at least that’s what they were when the ultrasound tech measured them in July.  That’s kinda big, and, well, some days they hurt.

A lot.

The normal ovary is the size of an almond.  Mine?  Stretched to 11 cm across.  If you could see inside my abdomen (why not?), the cysts would look like water balloons, stretched out as wide as their circular membranes can reach.  They don’t feel like water balloons, though.  They feel like, well, like something heavy is in there that shouldn’t be.  And some days they feel like terrible cramping pain, and some days they don’t feel like much at all.

They’re totally not as fun as water balloons.

It turns out that nearly all premenopausal women have a cyst or two, they just don’t usually swell this big.  When a cyst reaches 5 cm, I’m told, the fluid needs to come out, one way or another.

So, because of the pain, and the higher risk for me for developing ovarian cancer (which has vague symptoms and is difficult to catch early), and because one of the cysts is not a simple cyst like the other, but segmented and divided into its own little structure, we’re going to have these puppies taken out.

One day soon, I’ll go in for surgery.  The surgeon will cut and sauter my fallopian tubes, seal the pathway to my uterus, and pull each ovary out through a tiny slit.  He’ll sew me back up and I’ll wake up a little later, a little lighter, and a whole lot happier because of my reduced risk for developing ovarian cancer.

It might even take away the pain, which I think is just the ovary stretching and bumping into other things down there (like my bladder), but there’s no guarantee.

In fact, I’ve read that there are pretty much even odds for all three outcomes: pain gets better, pain gets worse, pain stays the same.

But the CANCER RISK goes down significantly.

Goodbye, ovaries!


19 Responses to Not as fun as water balloons

  1. Stimey says:

    I vote for pain goes away. I’m so sorry that you have to go through more surgery, but it absolutely sounds like the right decision. Love to you.

  2. FO says:

    As someone who has gone through exactly what you are describing (except I only had one ovary removed), the pain relief from the surgery is amazing! And recovery is very easy and quick! No fun to have surgery, but I can personally say that it’s not too bad and totally worth it. Good luck!

  3. nancy says:

    Ugh, I’m sorry to hear. I had a laparoscopy (sp?) a couple of years ago for the same thing — as FO says, it’s not a difficult procedure and hopefully will clear up the pain right away. I’ll be thinking of you.

  4. Kathie says:

    You are in my prayers

  5. Bon says:

    i’m glad to hear there’s no cancer in your ovaries, and that this will put the kibosh on that possibility forever.

    i used to have really cystic ovaries, with multiple cysts at four and five cm across, and it definitely did cause pain and a strange twinge sensation. when they got sorted out (for me it was hormone and glucose issues) the pain definitely went away. i hope the same for you, and quick healing.

  6. Christy says:

    Bon Voyage ovaries. Hopefully, Bon Voyage pain too.

    Thinking of you, as always!

  7. NoRegrets says:

    Oh, poor you. But yes, better to be gone.

  8. HeatherK says:

    An oopherectomy never sounded so appealing. Hope the pain subsides. I’ve only had one so far w/ my last pregnancy and it’s rather an inconvenient kind of pain, no?

  9. tori says:

    Will it be laparoscopic (probably spelled wrong..that is a tough word to spell!)? Because I had my one ovary removed that way and I felt like the recovery was quick and I felt a million times better after. I did have a weird backache up high near my shoulder that they said was referred pain from the air they put inside of me for the surgery. But overall I felt so much better after the surgery. Good luck!

  10. Kimberly says:

    Your the toughest cookie on the block so I know you’ll be fine. I’m sending along hugs and prayers though because I love you. xo

  11. whymommy says:

    Aw. I feel so much better now. Thanks, guys.

    Yes, it will be laproscopic. No big deal, I’m told. I won’t even have to stay overnight.

    I’m just ready for it to be done and over with!

  12. superrelish says:

    Good luck with the surgery and a speedy recovery to a pain free existence to enjoy your beautiful family. I just wanted to let you know that I have been following your journey for a long time now and your post have helped me enormously in supporting a good friend. Thank you,
    – I love this blog! I have nominated you for an award, and if you would like to have a look I have written a post on it over at my blog.

  13. Hang in there. Hoping you can use the days leading up to the elective (isn’t that a great adjective, in this context?) surgery to eat well, rest well and get in shape for the procedure.

    After your laparoscopic oophorectomy, there will be no more uncertainty about the ovaries. And you will need no more tests to try to decrease the uncertainty. Sounds good to me.

    With hope, Wendy

  14. Sherryl Fisher says:

    My mother was diagnosed with breast cancer, had a lumpectomy, radiation therapy and had the cancer to reoccur in the same breast shortly after she completed radiation therapy (in about a month) in the form of inflammatory breast cancer. I was her primary care giver so I immediately went online to research. It began as a small rash which she thought was associated with treatment of the breast. It is a form of breast cancer that is not well known, not publicized and therefore I try to tell as many women I meet about the symptoms. It is an aggressive form of breast cancer. I contacted the Oprah Winfrey Show to possibly have them do a show on this rare but aggressive form. Her show would be ideal as to the amount of female viewers. Keep up the Fight!!!

  15. momma knows says:

    I received an email with this link
    word is getting around, thank goodness!

  16. You’ll be in our prayers today. My Little Biscuit and I like it when toddler mommies feel strong and energetic and we know what it’s like to be sick (nooo fun!!) Get well soon ((HUGS)).

  17. Gerbil says:

    Although I am sorry you have to have the surgery, I am glad you won’t have to risk bursting cysts or worse.

  18. […] swirling around and around in my head and heart.  None of them are the source of my current pain (OMIGOSH the ovary hurts today; if I don’t relax and write, I swear I’m going straight to the ER […]

  19. Andrea says:

    I had a large cyst removed from my right ovary years ago, and like you made the decision based on pain. A little surgery, pain goes away. It was so much better than the alternative! I hope your recovery is easy and quick.

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