Little Bear and the snacks

19 months. My littlest child is 19 months now, and he surprises me every day.

Whether it’s picking ripe blackberries all by himself (and eating them — but just the ripe dark ones), climbing up the playset and sliding down all by himself, bringing me a snack from the pantry with the request, “snack,” “crack-er,” “chips” (oh, I’m guilty. if he’ll say it, he can have a little one), or “milk,”  feeding himself with a fork, breaking things just to see how they work, riding big brother’s new scooter (successfully), sending the wooden trains around the track, or just taking care of himself in ways beyond what I remembered from 19 month olds, this little bit is a surprise every. single day.

Like today. When he took the cheese-its from the pantry, secured himself under the dining room table, and had himself a snack.

Caught you!


7 Responses to Little Bear and the snacks

  1. canape says:

    He is supposed to still be a baby. Where did the time go???

    But what a handsome little man he makes. I need hugs soon.

  2. whymommy says:

    I don’t know! I ask myself that all the time.

    Hugs … a good idea.


  3. He is so cute. I love this age–my son is 23 months–they are learning SO MUCH all the time. My little one cracks me up every. day. I am sure yours does the same! Enjoy!!! 🙂

  4. Robin says:

    He looks so much like you!

    I was always a pushover for that same “if they say it they can have it” trick too. Luckily that wears off before they get to elementary school and start requesting things like playstations LOL.

  5. Sarah S says:

    How exactly do they grow up so fast? He is being very independent! I used to catch my Little E in the pantry at that age. She would go in and close the door and eat what ever she could get into as fast as possible! Oh how I miss that! Well she still does it but it is not as cute at 6. 🙂

    He is a very hansome boy! I see your face in his.

  6. Mark says:

    I wrote a book that I think your son might love, “I Can Count To 100” and you can even get the book with his photo in it.

  7. mandi says:

    he is so darn cute!! they grow up too fast don’t they?! I was about to say that my youngest (twins) just turned 2 but that was almost 5 months ago! where does the time go!!

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