There’s a spider in my linen closet

There’s a spider in my linen closet

Leaves beneath the laundry

Little boy boots caked with mud

Bubble blowers in the flower pots

Puppy prints in the hall

Blankies and quilts spread out as forts

And pillow-stepping stones below

… but my babies are happy

and learning and growing

asking questions, finding answers

building, knocking down, building again

and grasping me around the neck

whispering in my ear, telling me love

and, today, it’s all beautiful to me


9 Responses to There’s a spider in my linen closet

  1. once again, you help me put it all in perspective. My house is a disaster toy zone, but does that really matter? Nope, not at all!

  2. Cathy says:

    I love that poem – would you mind if I printed it and hung it somewhere in my house? I’d give you full credit, of course!

  3. Ally says:

    Lovely, just lovely. And I see you’ve provided the answers to several of the questions in your last post. Well done.

  4. deb says:

    This made me smile. Thank you.

  5. m says:

    Beautiful, indeed. Enjoy them!

  6. Lovely. I wish I could convince myself to be more zen about the mess…today its making me crazy. But hopefully your little reminder can help me chill out about it….thank you!

  7. whymommy says:

    Cathy, help yourself … it just came to me last night, after finally relaxing about the house and the mess. I’ve been so uptight, cleaning all weekend, but the last two days I gave myself permission to relax. And had wonderful days.

    It was so worth it.

  8. Sarah S. says:

    Take a peak over at Sprucehill. There is something waiting for you!

  9. My house may not be the cleanest, but the kids and I sure do have fun!

    Your words are so very true.

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