The Challenge

You are all so kind!

But you know, we can all do it … how ’bout we each try to go out of our way this week to say something nice to someone who’s obviously fighting something? It doesn’t have to be much. Try:

“A friend of mine fought cancer this year, and I just want to say, you look great.”


“My family’s had to deal with cancer, and I just want to say, you are so brave.”


“What a beautiful hat!”

or even just

“Hey, cute shoes!”

It only takes a second … but as you all reminded me yesterday, a couple words can make a world of difference.

What do you say — will you take this challenge with me?

P.S. Click here to learn more about the spoon theory for people fighting disease or living with chronic illness.

13 Responses to The Challenge

  1. Kristin says:

    I’m on board. I think I just want to be nicer in general – to people aren’t visibly ill as well as those who are. You never know what’s happening in people’s lives.

  2. Kristin says:

    I meant that in addition to the challenge, not in place of it.

  3. Susan K says:

    I just read the spoon theory.


    Thanks for pointing it out.

  4. Kathy U says:

    You Rock!

    Kathy U from Washington State

  5. liz says:

    i’m in!

    thanks for linking to the spoon theory. masterful, indeed.

  6. Count me in on this great idea…

    And just wanted to mention that my Aunt’s latest test results are in. She does have bone cancer and it has spread.

    Could you keep her in your thoughts and prayers?

  7. Janet says:

    When people would ask my grandfather if there was anything they could do for him, he’d reply, “Just a few kind words, please.” It was his motto in life and I’ve tried to make it mine.

    I accept your challenge and will start by saying, your blog inspires me to live life more fully. Thank you.

  8. Becki says:

    It’s true that you never know when the smallest act of kindness can make a difference, a huge difference, to someone. I read on PostSecret this week or last a postcard from someone thanking a person for smiling at him; that smile kept him from going home and killing himself.

  9. Ally says:

    My friend Sarah went up to another mom in the pool’s locker room who was dealing with her screaming child. I’m talking screaming-throwing-the-biggest-fit ever, and this mom was hanging in there, calmly parenting. Sarah went up to the mom and said, “Wow, good job, hang in there Mama, we’ve all been there. You’re doing great.” I’ve been on the receiving end of this kind of encouragement, and it really does make a huge difference. Thanks for reminding us, Susan, that we can all make a difference each day just by choosing kind words for another.

  10. I’m in. My favorite is to pass on (to person A) the nice thing that person B said to me about person A. Sort of a double compliment for person A.

  11. whymommy says:

    Kristen, great addition!

    Scarlet, that’s rotten news. I will definitely keep your aunt in my prayers … and pass it on where I can as well.

    I love all of these ideas … keep ’em coming!

  12. JessicaAPISS says:

    I love this idea. Very inspiring. As usual WhyMommy, you are amazing and bring light where there is darkness. This day has been dark, I have felt powerless to help a loved one and now you have reached across the WiFi and helped.

    If there is anyone out there that is searching for an outlet for their WhyMommy-inspired kindness, would you read and comment over on my cousin’s blog:

    My cousin is a young mom that staying with her baby daughter at St. Jude’s in Memphis as the baby receives experimental treatment.

    Your prayers? Very welcome too!

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