What to expect after an oopherectomy

Not that I knew this a month ago, but here goes:

When a premenopausal woman undergoes an oopherectomy (the surgical removal of one or both ovaries, and maybe the fallopian tubes too), guess what happens?

She goes into menopause.


All the symptoms that make menopause a little more difficult for most women happen ALL AT ONCE. So, overnight, there may be sudden and extreme hot flashes, chills, mood swings, unexplainable sadness, irritability, changes in moisture in the skin, hair growth, and other unmentionable changes in unmentionable places.


I’m coming out the other side now, but it’s been a bit of hell around here for the last couple weeks. Thanks for hanging in there with me, friends, for taking me belly dancing, putting up with my mood at book club, and basically tolerating my grumpiness. I think I’m finally coming out the other side.

One of the things that is totally helping me is reading all your submissions for The Challenge that I put forth last week — check out those comments on the last couple posts — they’re pretty wonderful! Submit yours now, if you haven’t already!

9 Responses to What to expect after an oopherectomy

  1. bcjenster says:

    Sorry I didn’t tell you sooner. Blech! It’s not bad enough that we had to go through chemopause to start with, but immediate menopause just adds to the suck-factor.

    I hate cancer.

  2. I am so sorry that you are having to got through a “sudden” change…but you have an amazing family and group of friends that love you no matter how grumpy, sweaty, or hairy you may be.

    Got three more people over at my place that have accepted the challenge.

  3. mammaloves says:

    Darn if you don’t continue to be challenged.

    Enough I say. Enough!

  4. Lori says:

    Ugh, sorry. Hey, if you’re feeling grumpy, feel free to rant on your blog. No need to put on a happy face for us.

  5. ame i. says:

    Aw Snap!
    I’ve been away for awhile, a long while, apparently.
    So sorry my friend.

  6. endochick says:

    Sorry for what you are going through. But, you don’t go through menopause if you only lose one ovary. You have to lose both to go through menopause.

  7. whymommy says:

    Endochick, good point. I lost both. But it’s still called an oopherectomy if you only lose one. (I think.)

  8. Wenna says:

    I am very sorry for what you have been through. you sound like a very strong person. My prayers are with you. I am scheduled for an oopherectomy in December. I am 44 years old and I am so scared about all of it, but mostly the instant menopause. I have a cyst on my ovary that they suspect may be cancerous and a lot of endometriosis, will I really be a different person? crabby and older?

  9. Mindy Christison says:

    I am scheduled for an oopherectomy next week and I am very scared about menopause.

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