Outrunning cancer

I just heard about this FABULOUS program for cancer survivors.

It’s called Cancer to 5k, and it’s a special training program for cancer survivors to help increase energy, decrease depression, and battle fatigue with sensible exercise. There are mentors and other survivors to run with, and the 12 week training program ends with a 5k race where everybody wins a medal.

The training isn’t anywhere near me, I’m afraid, but I’m hoping that maybe there’s an option for online support and I can drive down for the race….


3 Responses to Outrunning cancer

  1. mamamaven says:

    Best of luck, starting running and training for a triathlon has really changed my life. I have met amazing people, especially women and although I didn’t have cancer I’ve met survivors and people in treatment and have learned much from them and been inspired. Hope you can find a way to participate!

  2. NYfriend says:

    Sounds very cool!

  3. whymommy says:

    No word from them yet … are any of you doing an online walking/running program this year? I’d love to train with friends!

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