God bless my friends.

Honestly, I don’t know where I’d be today without them.  Almost to a (wo)man, they stood by me when I was sick.  They kept me company.  They brought me treats.  They raced for a cure.  They helped me walk.  They carried my children when I was too weak, and helped me fight battles I didn’t know I’d need to fight.

And now, they’re at my side as I try to return to the life I knew.


19 Responses to Friendship

  1. Stimey says:

    Because we loooooooove you.

  2. Linda says:

    It was so good to see you last night. You look fabulous!!

  3. mammaloves says:

    What? You thought you could get rid of us by getting better?

    You’re stuck with us babe.

  4. Loved seeing you last night!
    I think you look great too:)
    BTW- you scared me, not because you were sad a little while back BUT BECAUSE I hadn’t checked your site in a little bit and then I checked in and read that you had to get your ovaries removed-
    I was worried because something medically was wrong.
    You’re a rock, with a great smile, and then I don’t worry too much because you are so strong and inspirational to everyone you meet in person or online 🙂

  5. You have this wonderful ability to write the most beautiful posts…

  6. tracey says:

    I love that you sound so freaking happy! May your life be fabulous and more than you hoped for…

  7. I love your spirit.


  8. It sound like someone is starting to feel better…

  9. canape says:

    Well, of course. You would do the same.

  10. Alice C says:

    And you would do the same for each of them.

    That is what friendship is.

  11. Amen, sister! It was so nice to see you on Saturday.

  12. Alev says:

    I happened to read your story in health magazine and impressed a lot.I am a toddler mom and related with you so much that wanted to isit your blog and say you “THANK YOU” creating such an awareness. Looks like that you have a big heart.I will follow your blog and will always keep you in my thoughts.


  13. wavybrains says:

    I read your story in the Olin newsletter I received yesterday (I’m an Olin, class of 2000). I found your story and your blog very inspirational! Thank you for advocacy and keep fighting!

  14. I don’t know how anyone would get through life without the support of friends. Glad to hear that you are getting support for both the ups and the downs.

  15. live7n says:

    Nice post thanks for the pray for the friends

  16. jodifur says:

    So, so happy for you.

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