We voted.

We playdated.  We ate tacos, and then we took a nap.  (Does that dilute the efficacy of noting that I voted — or downplay it as a small part of the day?)

Seriously, it only took us 10 minutes.  The boys have been proud of their stickers ever since.

Little Bit is sleeping the afternoon away, having gone to bed late, … and I’m fine with that.  If he wakes up just in time for dinner and wants to stay up all night, that’s fine by me too.  Tonight, Mama is watching the election results.  I can’t wait to see the turnout.

This election has gathered more interest and more new voters than any others in decades.  That alone is exciting.


8 Responses to Vote.

  1. Susan K says:

    And so now we have a different kind of waiting… I’m not good at this kind of waiting either. My husband is in Hawaii – he will get a very different perspective on this election than we usually have from the eastern time zone!

  2. strugi says:

    I was so happy to see the line at my polling place. I have a definite favorite in the election, but whether he win or loose, I can’t help but think that everyone is winning with such high participation.

  3. ohgrammy says:

    I think we all won this time.

  4. Karen says:

    It was amazing to see the increased turnout to vote – especially as you do not have compulsory voting like we do in Australia. It was a great result.

  5. Becki says:

    Voting, tacos, nap? You may have just described my perfect day, especially considering the way it ended.

  6. Noregrets says:

    Sorry for the completely different comment and I know you don’t know about ALL cancers, but do you know of any good oncologists in N. VA? And also
    a Naturopath.
    Why I”m asking…friend’s husband diagnosed with brain cancer.

  7. Just stopping by to see how you were doing. I got bad news yesterday from my oncologist.

  8. clifford says:

    There were lines here like we’ve never seen, literally. American hath spoken!

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