Out of the office

… or, rather, in the office.  Just not this one.  I’ve been taking a couple days off from the blog, you see, to concentrate on my real jobs.  Raising my kids and doing my research.  It’s been absolutely wonderful, but I’ve got lots of guilt about not updating the blog much this week.  Sorry about that.

I’ll be back on Monday — I promise!


6 Responses to Out of the office

  1. Never apologise babe. Life happens.

    Isn’t it wonderful!

    (and I know, I suck, I haven’t been around much lately either)

  2. HeatherK says:

    I won’t miss you one bit! Said with all the love in my heart. That’s exactly the reason I’m leasing a small office next week. I value my work and my time.

  3. m says:

    You go, girl. And skip the guilt. I’m sure all your readers are thrilled to know that you’re out there doing your thing. Fantastic!

  4. clifford says:

    The tacos were THAT good, eh? 😀

  5. whymommy says:

    They were good — and my time with my kids was awesome.

  6. Fanny says:

    Отлично написано! Буду много думать…

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