Voting Together

One in a series of Widget’s bedtime stories.

Once upon a time (for that is how our stories always begin), there was a little boy named Widget.  He and his little brother Bear went with their Mommy to vote.  And who did we vote for?  [Widget answers.]  That’s right.  And who else was running?  [Widget answers again.]  That’s right too!  And who’s going to be the next president?  [Widget looks confused.]  That’s right.  We don’t know yet.  We won’t know until all the votes are counted tonight or later in the week.  But I’ll tell you as soon as we know.

Voting is very special to Mommy.  Did you know that when Mommy was a little girl, she got to vote with her Mommy?  That’s right.  Grammy and I would go to our voting place, sign in, and wait in line just like you and Bear and Mommy did today.  When it was our turn, we would walk over to the little booth and pull curtains around us, kind of like being in a shower.  But we didn’t get wet.  Instead, Grammy would read the ballot and choose who to vote for.  Mommy got to be in the little booth too and see what happened.  It was very cool.

And when Grammy was little, do you know what Grammy got to do?  She got to vote with her Mommy, your great-Grandma.  I imagine it was the same kind of thing, waiting in line and then casting a ballot at a machine or in a little box.  I don’t really know, cause I wasn’t there.

What do you think happened on voting day when your Great-Grandma was a little girl?

[I don’t know.]



Because when your Great-Grandma was a little girl, they didn’t let women vote.

[Why, Mommy?]

I don’t know, sweetie.  But some Mommies and other women worked very hard so that women could vote, and then, later, so that all people could vote, and now everybody can.

[Does everybody, Mommy?]

I hope so, sweetie, I hope so.

And that is why voting is so special to Mommy, and why I’m so glad that you and Bear went to vote with me today.  Thanks for being such a good kid today, kiddo.

[I love you, Mommy.]

I love you too, Widget.


9 Responses to Voting Together

  1. Becky says:

    Thanks for reminding me of what I should have thought of on Election Day. And it is really cool that you are giving your sons this perspective.

  2. Highheelsbackwards says:

    Thanks for the great post!

    My 5-year old son also voted with me. Later he asked me if a girl could be president, or if it had to be a boy. I was so thrilled to be able to answer that a woman ran for president this year, even if she didn’t win.

    Eve (

  3. I love this – found it because of PunditMom. One of my favorite memories is taking my kids to vote and letting them turn the little comma-shaped thingies on the voting machine. I really believe kids who go with their parents are different citizens when they grow up. A lovely piece….

  4. Susan K says:

    And my 8 year old daughter was incredulous when I told her that the result was particularly exciting for a lot of people because this was the first black person to be president. “EVER?!?!?” she said.

  5. whymommy says:

    Susan K — that is awesome. I love that it surprised her….

  6. bcjenster says:

    I signed up to get a fabulous email series about our first women voters and their fight for our right. They really are fascinating. You can read them or sign up for them at:

  7. My son was so excited, that he got to wear my (1 VOTE COUNTED) sticker.

    Keep me in your thoughts and prayers I have to have my blood work re-done, and a bone marrow biopsy, they think my Leukemia may be back.

  8. whymommy says:

    Oh, no! OMWC, I’m so sorry to hear that! Will visit your site next…

  9. Meleah says:

    I love this post.

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