True friends

True friends are hard to find.  I’ve discovered this year that I have more than my share, however.  Friends to play with, friends to walk with, friends to work with.  Friends who will watch your kids at the drop of a hat.  Friends whose kids you want to watch, just cause they’re fun.  Friends who bring you goodies “just because” or surprise you on chemo day with a pink bag of sunshine.  Friends to blog with and friends to plot with.  Friends who will call you in the hospital, and come by and not blink — even if you forgot to wear your hat, and you are having a “no hair” day.

Yesterday, a friend went above and beyond for me.  A thousand thanks to my good friend R who took me to the emergency room and stayed for my tests and diagnosis, cracking jokes and telling stories, listening to mine, and just being there for me when I needed her.  It was hard to pick up the phone and ask her for help … but it would have been a thousand times harder to be alone again in the emergency room.

Thanks, R.

7 Responses to True friends

  1. Aren’t friends great??

    I’ve got people that I work with coming over to help me this week, because I’m running so low on energy. My region manager even offered to let me take this week off, and STILL GET PAID!!

    My best friend upon hearing about my possible recurrence, was going to jump on a plane that night, to come be with me. But we decided it would be best if she came up, when/if I have to start treatment again.

    Neighbors are already offering to help out with the kids.

    How could you go through something like cancer without friends?

  2. Lisa says:

    That’s because you are a truly great friend!

  3. Stimey says:

    I was going to say the same thing as Lisa. So often, you get what you give. And you’re a giver. 🙂

  4. I find it very hard to ask for help, but I am always glad when I do.

  5. Ally says:

    I’m so glad for you. I think one of good things about going through hard times is knowing that you are loved by many. I’m glad you feel that love!

  6. motherofbun says:

    Am catching up to see how you’ve been.

    You are loved by many. But it sounds like you already know that. And I am LOVING your hair cut. Fabulous

  7. Sarah S. says:

    You are right about that! You find out who your true friends are.

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