Cancer Action Network

One of the women I met at the Relay for Life kickoff was a volunteer for the American Cancer Society.  A piece of paper and a few emails later, and I’m checking out the ACS Cancer Action Network. Interesting.

I can’t Race for a Cure or Relay for Life this year; my back just won’t allow it.  For whatever reason (chemo, radiation, just plain heaviness of that tumor I was carrying around), the spine is weak and won’t support me running.  The PT says no way.  Not yet.  Much more work to do.

I’m bummed.  But maybe I was meant to do something else instead.

I can’t run, but I can walk.

I can talk.  I can write.  I can advocate.  I can visit my congresspeople and talk to them about the importance of finding a cure.  We must find a cure.


4 Responses to Cancer Action Network

  1. Kristin says:

    I signed up for the 3-day. I haven’t really told anyone yet, but I’m going to raise the money and I’m going to walk 60 miles. You’re part of the reason I decided to do it.

  2. *m* says:

    Sorry that you can’t run…but good grief, you have already done and continue to do so much, as a educator, advocate, and awareness-raiser. Not to mention as an inspiration to others. I hope you recognize and take some satisfaction in that.

    Last night I saw an article in the Times online about the apparent positive effects of anti-osteoporosis drugs in preventing recurrences of estrogen-driven breast cancer. ( ) It gave me so much hope–not just the specific article, but the fact that yes, scientists are looking and finding ways to fight breast cancer. My mom is a survivor and I always have in the back of my mind: my turn may well come someday.

    But today — hurray for good news, new research, and continued progress in the fight.

  3. donna4k says:

    I’ll probably sound like your mother but I’ve been one for a while;-)…You were blessed with the best that can be had right between your ears…lots of folks can run, walk, fundraise… use that brain of yours and your sensitivity, and all your other gifts and you can go far to help many. Hope the pain relief efforts bear some fruit!

  4. Amy Swygert says:

    Susan, I work for the American Cancer Society and I’m so glad you mentioned this. There are so many ways to fight back against cancer. I hope others will consider joining ACS CAN. It’s a powerful way to continue to be involved in the cause all year long between the runs and walks!

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