Love for Vivi

Babies shouldn’t get cancer.  Or other terminal diseases.

Rest in peace, sweet Vivi.  Fight like heck, little Gwendolyn.

Sending love and support to the parents of little Vivi, 10 months old, cousin to our good friend Jessica at A Parent in Silver Spring, and strength to little Gwendolyn and her family, who came to my attention through A Mommy Story.  I’m sure there’s some profound way to end this post on a hopeful note, but dadgumit, I’m having trouble finding it.


4 Responses to Love for Vivi

  1. JessicaAPISS says:

    Thank you for the link Susan. Thank you for remembering Vivi and bringing attention to the fight against cancers such as ATRT at places like St. Jude’s. She is loved forever. Please pray for her parents. Vivi’s life was documented with exquisite love and dignity and beauty at

  2. Donna W says:

    Sometimes there are no words.

  3. NoRegrets says:

    Damn, crying at work…

  4. Christina says:

    Thanks for the link to my post about Gwendolyn. It looks like she’s managed to get a couple hundred more signatures on the petition in the past few days. I hope her mom reaches her 100,000 goal.

    And how sad about little Vivi. Reading that made me cry.

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