Children’s bath shampoo

This just in: probable carcinogens found in children’s bath products. Like, a lot of them. More info at The Washington Post and the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics.

Those of you who never, ever thought you’d see a reference to cosmetics on my blog may now laugh uproariously.

But then, let’s get serious about reducing our exposure to many of these cancer-causing chemicals, ‘k?

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5 Responses to Children’s bath shampoo

  1. kgirl says:

    I’ve pretty much stopped buying any cosmetics at the drug store, and always check w/ before buying any product that goes on, or in my family.

  2. Susie says:

    I try not to be alarmist about such things – but I guess it just makes me mad that we, as the consumers, need to be so hyper-vigilant about the products we buy. We just assume that if we can buy it, it is safe. It also makes me angry that the products that are all natural and probably safest, are so much more expensive making this level of careful consuming fairly exclusive to higher income brackets.

  3. Susan K says:

    It is really quite simple. Don’t eat, don’t drink, don’t bathe, don’t breathe. Then you will be fine.

    Other than the most egregious stuff, I’ve tried to just give up worrying about all this too much. You’ll drive yourself nuts. There is just no way to avoid it all.

    And for those who say “natural”, I would just like to remind people that arsenic is natural. That word does not necessarily mean safe.

  4. robbinlynn says:

    I am all for safer products.

    ALL. FOR. IT.

    However, as a life scientist, and someone who has worked many years in the food and drug industry as well as doing primary research, I also know that it is maddeningly hard to sort out what is and what is not in the great scheme of things significant – even for me, and I am a bonafide PROFESSIONAL. I know that probably 75% of what is out there bombarding the public is unnecessarily alarmist. And yes – “natural” is not always “safer”. Any drug, herb, or home remedy that works can also make you sick.

    I know that there is a lot that we don’t know. But I also know that, despite everything you read about our bombardment with toxins, we, by and large, live longer and healthier lives than our grandparents and our parents. And that the #1 killers are still, overwhelmingly, lifestyle oriented, and I don’t mean our choice of cosmetic products. I mean our over-consumption and our under-activity. Bad for our life span. Bad for our environment. Bad for our mental health.

    I always get concerned because when the general public gets over-cautious, it can lead to some equally unsustainable choices (bottled water being my favorite pet peeve).

    I guess I tell people to use common sense. Bubble bath as an occasional treat – fine. Bubble bath every day – not necessary and a waste of money (and I like me a bubble bath, even though I KNOW they are unnecessary). Shampoo? Body Wash? Use less. Water it down. Most people need to use far less than half of what they do. People totally miss the “reduce” part of the equations. They look for substitutes that are 100% safe, so they can keep consuming at the same level. Everything you do is a risk-benefit analysis. There will never, never, be 100% safety.

    Truthfully – I think plastic storage containers are a far bigger risk to your health than your shampoo, but people don’t blink when they use them. I never heat in plastic. There’s my comfort level.

    I just don’t want things that are comparatively low risk to act as strawmen to keep us from making the changes that really are putting our lives and our planet in danger.

  5. marty says:

    Thanks for the links, Su. I always check here before I buy a new skin product – especially for baby.

    I don’t think it’s alarmist to want to buy the safest products possible for our children. Nor do I think it’s too much to ask for a g’vt that regulates so many things to make sure that companies such as the most putrid J&J (who you already know I hate) to make products without ingredients that are less than safe. It’s ridiculous.

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