When I’m not here…

… it means I’m writing like a madwoman or outside playing with my children.

It’s been a good week, y’all. The NASA book? Is up to 50,000 words already. And the kids? Happy, healthy, and making their mama laugh along as they explore their world. “See, mama, see?” So I’m there, in the moment, stopping, watching, catching the balls that they throw and throwing them right back. In the moment. Lymphedema therapy has begun again, and I’m hopeful this time that it will work, and we can reduce the swelling in my hand, arm, and trunk to make them more usable again. The Smithsonian Channel and the West Coast American Cancer Society bloggers both featured me this week … and in the first interview? Absolutely not one mention of cancer. Very, very cool.

(New reviews of books and things are up over at Review Planet. Clearly, I wrote them last week, before the weather turned nice and I got inspired again.


2 Responses to When I’m not here…

  1. THAT’S AWESOME that they interviewed you – and no mention of cancer-
    what an accomplishment to be highlighted for your career work !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Becky Williams says:

    Susan, what a lovely article in the Smithsonian. Very inspirational words and I enjoyed learning more about your career journey. My favorite part is the quote about science is the language of dreams.

    Looking forward to seeing you in Houston next week, where I can still recall playing mini golf and racing go karts at one of my first LPSC visits. Good times for budding space scientists. Kudos!

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