What did you do to your arm?


I’ve spent the last two days in meetings where I’ve seen an awful lot of old friends, new colleagues, and friends I just haven’t met yet.  (Yes, I am that corny.  Now. When I used to have a hard-ass job?  Not so much.)  Nearly everyone has asked about my arm.  My wrist.  That big wrap on my arm.

But you know what?  You guys would have been proud of me.  I didn’t duck the question.  I didn’t apologize, or minimize.  I simply said. “It’s just a side effect.  A complication of the cancer I had last year.”  Everyone, to a man, has had a sympathetic follow-up.  Because I’ve tried it out on you guys, I’m now able to say, “It’s okay.  I’m in remission now.  But it makes me really glad to be here.”  And then we move on to discuss the work of the day.

It’s good.  Really good.

And in this context?  People are interested in my ideas … and sharing their ideas … and cancer seems so far away from my life.


11 Responses to What did you do to your arm?

  1. Bravo!!! Happy really DID start the other day! You are fabulous! Thanks for always being so honest and sharing so much!

  2. Amelie says:

    ah, I’m so glad to hear that.

  3. marty says:

    Good for you. No need to dodge – it’s a chapter in your life. I especially liked the “and then we moved on” part 🙂

  4. Susan K says:

    Interesting Susan – last year in Huntsville, you were uncomfortable, hiding, avoiding, stressed about all the interactions and got difficult, stupid, hard-to-answer comments in reply. In Houston this year, you are confident, matter-of-fact, no-biggie-let’s-move-on, and you get what you want and need back.

    I’m glad you’ve found YOUR place in all this. “cause apparently you really are what you feel.


    Too bad Tommy T bones is so far away now…. hope you’re enjoying the new venue!

  5. sprucehillfarm says:

    That is really really good 🙂

  6. Lisa says:

    Happy Days are here again!
    Hugs from all of us!

  7. Good for you! It takes serious guts to do that, and I always knew you had it in you. I’m glad that now you know it too!
    Darn cancer ain’t winning none of these battles! WHOOT!

  8. Bill says:

    Just surfed upon your site, as I was researching about my Mom’s cancer. All the best to you and yours.

  9. Jan says:

    I know what you mean about the arm. I devote two chapters in my book, Mourning Has Broken: Reflections on Surviving Cancer (Xulon Press 2008, Jan Hasak), to the specter of lymphedema. I love your website. I have three sons and have watched them reach maturity since I was first diagnosed in 1996. Brava to you.

  10. whymommy says:

    Susan K — excellent point. That time in Huntsville was so painful it actually hurts to remember it. I was in the middle of chemo, then, though, and hadn’t yet had surgery, so I was still carrying around the cancer, both literally and figuratively.

    If you weren’t around then, here’s how it went:

    Yeah. This year’s conference went thousands of times better.

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