Our Little Bear

from Widget this week:

Mama, I think Bear is here to make us happy.

You know what?  I think, in large part, he’s right.

Little Bear is such a bundle of pure, absolute joy.  His laughter echoes from wall to wall.  His joy is evident in every step.  When he moves from place to place, he pulls his little arms in by his side, balls up his fists, opens his mouth, and runs like the wind, laughing as he skids to a stop just before the far wall.  His eyes are bright and sparkley; his brain full of good ideas, expressed one word by one word as he can get the concepts across.  (He is, after all, only just two.)  When he wants to go somewhere, he grabs a grown-up’s hand and gently tugs you along to share his fun.  When he looks up at you, oh, when he looks up at you, the shear joy in his eyes is almost too intense to take.

And when he sees a friend or family member hurt, he immediately runs over, gently puts his arms around you, and says, “‘s okay, brudder,” or “‘s okay, mama,” willing you to feel better with his mighty little spirit.

Tonight big brother Widget put his toe in the bath too soon, and it was hot.  Little Bear put his arm around him, said “‘s okay, brudder,” and then when Widget started to do it again, Bear put his arm out in front and said, “No. hawt,” not letting him make the mistake again.

Now they’re all cuddled up in their beds, snuggled, snoring, and sleeping at last.  But I had to share this with the world, just as I have always shared my little boy with the world through this blog.  Because I think I agree with Widget on this.

Bear is here, in part, to make us happy.

Oh, what joy he brings.


8 Responses to Our Little Bear

  1. ohgrammy says:

    Both those boys do a very good job of that — making us happy!

  2. NYfriend says:

    Aww! What a cute story – all of it. 🙂

  3. Kate says:

    Aren’t two-year-old boys delightful? You’ve reminded me again how much I’m enjoying mine. They (yours and mine both) are heart-burstingly sweet.

  4. Jan says:

    Oh! This was so great!

  5. amanda says:

    And how you give him sweet purpose by recognizing it.

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  7. Stimey says:

    I agree with Widget. That Little Bear is one adorable, sweet, joyous kid.

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