The bright days of spring

The bright days of spring, the spring I thought would never come, are here, and we are outside enjoying them.  My little ones are happy and healthy, my work is going well (my latest paper was accepted!), and the physical therapy is having an effect.  (It hurts like crazy,but it’s working.)  We’re spending days with friends and days outdoors.  We’re picnicing for lunch and floating sticks in the creek until dusk.  We’re making every minute count while the sun is still shining on our part of the world.

I am grateful.

Across this city, there’s another mom who’s not as lucky.  She found out today that she and her son will be having quite a different summer than me and my boys.  Today, she was diagnosed with cancer.  Thyroid cancer.  It’s not the kind that I had, and she has an incredible chance of recovery (90-plus percent after surgery and therapy!), but she is understandably devastated.  She doesn’t know what lies ahead.  She doesn’t even know what to ask for yet.  But she has some friends, and one of them, a reader of this blog since the day I was diagnosed, has asked us to help.  Jessica says:

the only thing she’s asked is that people consider supporting her business. Extraordinary time and she’s focused on making an honest living … if folks would think to buy their Mother’s Day gifts from Mary Ellen, it’d help another mom with cancer at a time when she could use the help.
As my cancer story slowly wraps up and becomes one of recovery and life LIVED, another mom’s story begins. Show her some love.

10 Responses to The bright days of spring

  1. *m* says:

    Done! Thanks for the very worthy referral. Sending good thoughts her way.

    • whymommy says:

      I really agonized over whether to bother you all with it, whether it was even appropriate for this site, but in the end it came down to, can we extend a hand to another mom who needs it?

      I thought we could.

      Plus, I went to the site and was really impressed with her silverwork. Hope you enjoyed the link!

  2. Jocelyn says:

    Delurking just to say that I bought several items and have passed the link on to my network. Thanks for letting us know how we could help.

    • whymommy says:

      You guys are wonderful. I heard from her this morning. She’s real, she’s reeling, and she’s really grateful for the overwhelming support. (“I sold four items in an hour! What did you do?”) Oh, but she has no idea what overwhelming support from the internet really is, does she?

      We’ve had 50 clicks go through to her site since this was posted yesterday, checking out the jewelry and (hopefully) passing the site discreetly on to husbands or others shopping for Mom’s Day or surprise gifts. The sterling silver is really quite reasonable — less than $10 for many earrings and $15-$20 for most bracelets. I totally excited about my new bracelet and I can’t wait to show it off Monday night at Mom’s Night!

  3. dphealthcareconsulting says:

    Your site is a gift! I have added it to my new Cancer Blogs Links Page. Take care, Dennis

  4. Heather says:

    Her work is lovely! I just bought my own mother’s day present! 🙂 So glad you mentioned her here!

  5. turnitupmom says:

    I’m happy to include a link on my blog as well! Praying for Mary Ellen….

  6. Kate says:

    I love her jewellery! And thank you for giving us a chance to support someone in a practical – and beautiful – way. I hardly ever wear any jewellery at all, but I have forwarded the link to friends of mine who do, and might like it too. Perhaps I will leave the link in an obvious place where my husband can find it as well…

  7. whymommy says:

    My bracelet came last week, by the way, and it is GORGEOUS! So small and delicate, but it sure gets noticed.

    Very cool.

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