Healing, part 2

… back to the beagles.

When Buttercup came to us, she was old, tired, and very, very subdued.  She had had a hard life as the momma of dozens, if not hundreds, of beagle babies, kept as a breeding dog in a rabbit hutch in West Virginia.  Her toes were splayed out, not used to walking after the years of confinement, breeding, and birth, just to be confined again.

But BREW beagles rescued her, and she came to live with us.

In our home, she blossomed.  She loved to eat good food, nuzzle up for a pet, and snuggle in our bed at night.  She couldn’t jump up on the couch (good girl!) but we helped her every time we noticed her trying.  We knew we shouldn’t, but we couldn’t resist.   She was such a sweetheart, and she rewarded the smallest of kindnesses with a grateful look from those big brown eyes.

At 10+, everyone knew that she didn’t have long, but everyone — from her original rescuer to the good women of BREW to our little family — knew that taking her in was the right thing to do, a cosmic kindness that had little risk and so very much reward.

And reward there was.  This little beagle, just 20 pounds and 14 or so inches tall, learned to love.  She squirmed into our laps and squirmed into our hearts, and she brought us much joy.

The quiet subdued beagle that came into our home bore little resemblance to the quiet, polite beagle companion that we were lucky enough to share our home with after a few weeks of good food, vet care, and lots and lots of pets and belly rubs.

We did so little … but we made a difference in that beagle’s life, and by doing so, we made a difference in our own.

… next up, the story of Gracie, who came to us a shadow of a beagle, and left us dancing and prancing to her new home.


4 Responses to Healing, part 2

  1. NoRegrets says:

    it’s not good for me to cry at work…

  2. […] came to live with us several months after Buttercup.   Typically when we knew a foster dog was going to be adopted by another family, I’d […]

  3. whymommy says:

    Aw, thanks, NoRegrets. The rest will be posted shortly.

  4. Wendy says:

    Loved this post! Ive been there- and yes, just a bit of care, and love can an will make a difference!

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