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Looks like I’ll be here in the hospital for a full 72 hours while the cultures grow (testing for a variety of bacterial infections), making my return home sometime Monday at the very earliest.  Until I’m better, I’ll twitter health updates and they’ll post to the top right of this blog page.  Thanks for all of the lovely support.  You’re keeping this quiet hospital room filled with friendship.


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  1. Been thinking of you and sending warm thoughts your way…

  2. kgirl says:

    Just reading about your hospitalization now – speedy recovery, kay?

  3. Christy says:

    Susan, I’ve been on vacation, so I couldn’t comment until now. I have been keeping up with the whole saga though. I am appalled that you have received such poor medical care over this illness! I am sending good thoughts your way.

  4. Thinking of you, get better soon xxxx

  5. JoC says:

    Warm fuzzies coming your way. ((((Hugs))))

  6. Robin Hurwitz says:

    Praying for you.

  7. upsidebackwards says:

    With your internet friends all over the world, we can keep the warm fuzzies going 24 hours a day! Hope you’re feeling better.

  8. ShallowGal says:

    Anything we can do? Babysit? Bring you a milkshake?

    xoxo, Amy

    • whymommy says:

      Are you seriously tempting me with real food? Sigh. Hospital grub is getting pretty old. Particularly the NotCola. (((Ugh.)))

      No, I’m fine. But they really do need to just get rid of the NotCola. There’s no better way to get me to give up my diet Coke than to fake it!

  9. jodifur says:

    all of my thoughts. Please email me if you need ANYTHING. I mean it!

  10. Busy Mom says:

    Great to see things are looking up!

  11. Alice C says:

    You are in my thoughts – every moment brings you closer to sitting on the deck watching your boys playing in the sunshine.

  12. Lisa says:

    Hugs from us. We are blowing kisses and throwing prayers out the window at you and hope you’ll get to come home tomorrow!

  13. bejuce says:

    Oh, no! I’m so sorry you’re having to go through this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and I wish you the best for a speedy recovery so you can continue to spend a delightful spring with your lovely sons and family. Sending you lots of love from CA from another breast cancer mom.

    • whymommy says:

      Thank you!

      Have you checked out our community at There’s always room for more blogging mamas there….

  14. diva65 says:

    HI Susan, Just had a chance to catch up on my favorite blogs. I am so sorry you are sick. I’ll be sending lots of prayers your way. Hope this passes quickly and you get back home to those beautiful boys. Lauren

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  16. Malaina says:

    Susan, I can’t believe all you’ve had to go through the past several days. I hope you continue to improve and that you’re home with all your boys soon!


  17. ilinap says:

    Wishing you fast recovery! I’ll be running the Race for the Cure on Saturday. Our team is Stop the War in My Rack. I thought you might like that one.

  18. Arlene Cohen says:

    Susan, It has been such a long time since I heard your name, am sory to hear all you have been through, wishing you well and hoping you are home soon with your family.
    Your old neighbor,
    Love to your parents.
    Arlene (mother of Terri)

    • whymommy says:

      Um, wow. I’ll drop you an email, Mrs. Cohen. (Terri and I were best friends and neighbors in K-2). It’s so nice to hear from you again!

      • Terri Cohen Nathanson says:

        I have not honestly thought about you in years! Someone sent me the link about your amazing battles with breast cancer and I haven’t stopped thinking about you for days. I have read all your archives and can say with out a dought that you are a wonderful mother and wife! You are still as SMART as ever. I hope you are feeling better and can enjoy each day with your cute boys. Your words have brought me to tears. Lots of luck and love. your old friend Terri Cohen 🙂

  19. NYfriend says:

    I’m so glad you are home now and hope that your recovery is speedy. I am so shocked at the incompetence of the medical community. I’m so angry it put you in such pain and danger.

    I hope you are resting well.

    Big giant hugs my dear friend.

  20. Heather says:

    Sorry you are going through this. Hope that things continue to get better and they take phenomenal care of you. Thoughts and prayers coming your way.

  21. NYfriend says:

    I reread your posts again, and you said that it’s “probably” the flu. Is there any confirmation of that theory yet?

    • whymommy says:

      Well, there’s no test for the flu, so they basically tested for everything else (oh, my veins!) and determined that it was a virus of some kind. So far so good though — as long as I get better, it doesn’t matter I suppose!

  22. liz says:

    sending love and healthy blessings your way, friend. glad you are home with your boys and healing quickly.

  23. laurie says:

    so glad to see you are home. so glad to know it’s not a tumour. get better soon, soon, soon.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    Glad to hear you’re home. Get well soon.

  25. Lord have mercy – I’m catching up on blog reading. Now I’m serious here. I LOVE me some diet coke – and some good fountain diet coke at that. Having to drink uncola is just awful. IF you ever find yourself in a situation again where you are forced to drink uncola, you let me know. I’ll take care of it.

  26. planetnomad says:

    I’ve been traveling so am catching up now. SO GLAD you are home and what a terrible experience in ER! I have “bad” veins too but have never gone through anything like that. It makes me so mad. Grr…

    Get well soon! Enjoy your lovely boys.

  27. JoC says:

    OMG! Oh, while am pleased that they took your illness seriously, I am upset at their methods/manners. So glad you are home again! Pls be extra kind to yourself

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