Since installing Tweetdeck, I’ve been on twitter a lot more recently.  It’s become a friendlier place, now that I can see more posts from my good friends AND drop in to chat with the 600 people in my tweetstream.  It’s a distraction, sure, but a welcome one when I’m writing for 10 hours a day, which I did over the weekend.  I haven’t had the attention span to write a post lately, but here’s what I’ve been doing, via Twitter.  It’s kind of interesting to see what the snippets add up to, over a week or two.  (And yes, I’m painfully aware that this is horribly self-indulgent.  Consider it a social experiment, or just come back tomorrow for something else, ‘k?)

  • Good morning! Sneaking a little work in before the kiddos wake.
  • Is there anything better than gluttonously eating blueberries out of a bucket? Blueberries you picked yourself? YUM.
  • Falling asleep trying to finish this chapter. Guess it’ll have to wait until tomorrow.
  • @cribchronicles I’m doing this strange balance, where I work after they’re in bed and weekends. Exhausting but rewarding. But not very sustainable.
  • @meghuber I feel GREAT, thanks for asking! Am enjoying life, coaching soccer, feeling very lucky indeed. You?
  • @techmama @PunditMom NBC had an interesting point this morning…Palin is at the intersection of celebrity and politics. This may not end it
  • Want to see some real fireworks? Check out for fireworks that are out of this world!
  • Just for the record, the only living things that thrive in a 5 gallon aquarium are snails. And maybe a pair of guppies, no more. (Am sad.)
  • Why are fireflies so magical? Because they do not try to burn bright constantly, but stop to rest. We could learn from them.
  • @geosteph Fabulous. We celebrated early and Daddy is watching kids all day so I can set up interviews and WRITE! All. Day!
  • Why yes, I do tweet more when I’m trying to write other things. I should log off entirely today like @technosailor. But I’d miss you.
  • Have we all put more time into understanding Sarah Palin’s resignation that she did?
  • Hearing neighborhood dogs bark all day long, I’m startled out of complacency in life as it is, remembering how life used to be. I miss my dog.
  • Leaving the park, where we always meet new friends.
  • Adding a new contributor to my group blog. Which is FANTASTIC, even if it does mean there’s another #motherwithcancer.
  • @canape Aw… that was so sweet of you! But I don’t need blog awards. I’m happy just being here, still talking about life after cancer.
  • @Redsy @jdbranded Oh, I dunno. I can think of a dozen times my friends brought me chocolate brownies during chemo … TOTALLY helped. 🙂
  • Now I want brownies. (Rummages through pantry for magic red box.)

Nothing earth-shattering, but I like to think it captures snippets of a life well-lived.


4 Responses to Snippets

  1. Susan K says:

    Sorry about your fish. For the record, one betta survives in a one gallon tank very well. And the best part – you can only have one. They used to be called “Siamese Fighting Fish” – for a reason.

  2. NoRegrets says:

    It is cool how they all add up.

  3. upsidebackwards says:

    10 hours writing? No wonder you’d run out of attention for a post! How wonderful.
    Mmmmm brownies! Funnily enough, we were sent a magic red box by friends in the US recently (can get some brownies here but they’re not the same), so that was a school holiday project yesterday. Excuse me, time for morning tea now…

  4. clifford says:

    Twitter = internet-based ADHD. 😀

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