Breaking news on lymphedema

An article from CNN this week on lymphedema.

The article couldn’t be more timely for me, as I wear my bandages 24-7 and fight the swelling caused by this week’s plane trip and summer heat, expanding my arm, my belly, but shrinking my patience.

Lymphedema is difficult to deal with.  I hope this is a pathway to relief for many.

Thanks to Kate at Upside Backwards and Angela Mott for pointing it out to me via twitter while I was away.


5 Responses to Breaking news on lymphedema

  1. upsidebackwards says:

    Fingers crossed that it might be appropriate, and work, for you! The bit about not being able to lift one’s children breaks my heart.

  2. Heather says:

    This holds such promise! I know how much you cherish being active and I can only imagine how well you’d do with the addition of a weight program.

  3. magpie says:

    And here’s another article, from today’s Times:

  4. NoRegrets says:

    See also American Journal of Nursing, August 2009, Vol 109. No 8. Page 34 (It’s part two in this issue.)
    Post-Breast Cancer Lymphadema. Risk-reducation and management strategies can help those facing this distressing and often poorly addressed condition. Part 2 of a two-part article.

  5. Angela says:

    I’m just glad to hear you got the tweet and didn’t think I was a weird stalker for thinking to tweet it to you. 🙂 Oh the things I worry about. lol

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