Lymphedema sleeves, now in technicolor!

Those of you who see me “in person” know that I have to wear a lymphedema compression sleeve and glove every day.  The compression keeps my arm from swelling too much between treatments, particularly in the summer.  (At least in theory.  In practice, this summer has been pretty hard on the old arm, making outside play frustrating, to say the least.)  I’m not too concerned about fashion, as there is really no alternative to this.  I have to wear it, period.  Every day.  For the rest of my life.

So I was kind of excited to see this:  the Juzo dreamsleeve, now in color.  Yes, the color selection isn’t too wide, but I’m told they are seasonal and there should be more coming in September.  Cool.

Now all we need is for Juzo to make a matching glove.


7 Responses to Lymphedema sleeves, now in technicolor!

  1. I bet you’d be surprised to know that most people who know you and see you ‘in person’ don’t even notice it, my friend–I sure didn’t the first time I saw you!

    Anyway, about the colors. .. Yahooo–my vote is for ‘sky blue’!

    Susan, maybe this is your ticket to millions. . . planets and stars on one, maybe? butterflies? flowers?
    Hmmmmmmm, the possibilities are endless here. Go for it!

  2. upsidebackwards says:

    I hope it doesn’t sound wrong to say that I hope you’re wearing one for many years to come. I’m glad you have some options now, at least colour-wise.

  3. Jennifer says:

    That might be kind of fun (fashion-wise) this fall and winter!

  4. NYfriend says:

    Variety, that’s at least cool! 🙂

  5. Second the suggestion to personalize them, just for you! I’m a big fan of bright colors to lift the spirit and bring a touch of joy to the world.

  6. You may have heard of it already, but there is a site known as “Lymphediva” that can also help in this regard (i.e. when it comes to being fashionable during your therapy). Hope this helps!

  7. Tracy says:

    I just noticed your posting and wanted to introduce you to Lymphedivas medically correct fashionable comrpession sleeves. We offer 19 patterns as well as 5 solid colors in class 1 and 2 compression sleeves and gauntlets. Our sleeves are a bit different since they were developed by a 35 and 21 year olds Lymphedema sufferers. They have moisture wicking built it to provide a cooler sleeve, as well as, aloe for a softer feel. I invite you all to check out our website to see the DIVA difference. If you have any questions call me directly at 866-411-3482.
    Take Good Care,

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