Science for kids … and moms

Two interesting links today.  The first is a list of 100 tools to encourage your kids in science.  The second is a list of ten female science bloggers worth checking out.  The list was compiled by someone I don’t know … but the ones I know are great, and the others look interesting.

I’m writing today, holed up in my little garret while my husband (home on AWS, his day off) watches the kids and the world moves on without me.  Big deadline Wednesday — a draft of the first three chapters are due.  Yippee!


5 Responses to Science for kids … and moms

  1. Love it! I was just reading another friend’s recent post (occupationmommy) about girls and science. Thanks for sharing these, Susan. Too often we forget this avenue for our little ladies–

  2. We love BrainPop, Kaboose, and FunBrain at our school but there are obviously so many more that I need to share! Thanks for posting this and you better believe this list is going to be a website of the week thanks to you.

    And how in the world are you coming tomorrow with such a huge deadline on Wednesday??? You are Wonder Woman! Can’t wait to see you!

  3. mammaloves says:

    I just met the Executive Director of the Association for Women in Science this week. I told her about you and have her card. Will send you her information. I was bragging about how you’ve been organizing women in your field.

  4. Susan K says:

    Just checked out the 100 tools site. Looks good – but where is EARTH Science?!?!?
    Once again, the science that is perhaps most accessible and obviously relevant is ignored.

    Someone tell me I just skimmed that too fast!!

  5. Stinky55 says:

    The Chevy has an inductive charging connector and the Ford has a conductive one. ,

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