Cancer (d’oh)

I get asked sometimes, “Why can’t you move on?  You’re so much more than cancer.”  Or “Why do you say you’re in remission, and not cured?”  It’s hard to answer that, but it often comes back to the fact that I’m not cured, it will probably come back, and even if it doesn’t, it will still keep infecting people, attacking the bodies of my friends, and it will stop at nothing to get its way.

Cancer will stop at nothing to get its way.  And I have to keep fighting back.

I will add that it’s a common feeling — once it’s got you, it often has a hold on you.  My friend Rivka puts it into words today, in a way that I think you should read.  Go on, read it.  It’s okay. I’ll be here when you get back.


5 Responses to Cancer (d’oh)

  1. Dianne Duffy says:

    Really! If I were cured, I wouldn’t have to take these pills everyday that give the bleepin hot-flashes! I wouldn’t have these tattoos right smack in the middle of my chest that remind me…

  2. Donna W says:

    She certainly said it well. Not that I would know, I haven’t had cancer. But she made me understand just a little of how she feels.

  3. bejuce says:

    Hi whymommy,

    You had a great post once linking to a picture of a dozen eggs that showed what to look for in your breasts. I tried searching for it on your archives, but couldn’t find it. Can you please let me know where to find it?


  4. RivkA says:

    Hey Susan,

    Thanks for the link!

    When I read some of the statistics on IBC, I suddenly understood why you always feel that black cloud hovering in the background.

    I pray that you stay in remission, but I totally understand why it does not feel “right” to say “cured.”

  5. Subliminal says:

    What a cool post, thanks for sharing.

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