Puppy Love!

BREW beagle rescue, my favorite rescue group, has three BEAGLE PUPPIES coming in to DC this weekend that need foster or forever homes. They’ve also got DOZENS of beagles of all ages available for adoption. These dogs are living in foster homes with families, couples, and singles all across the PA/MD/DC/VA area and the Midwest. They’re learning how to behave, how to live with a family, and how to be loved, many for the first time. There are dogs who are housetrained, dogs who were left behind in a move or after the birth of a baby, dogs whose owners have moved to retirement homes, and dogs who have never known a real home of their own. These dogs need love. They need people to love them.

If you’ve got love to spare, won’t you click over and consider becoming a foster home for BREW beagles or your local animal shelter or rescue group?

Edited to add:  BREW is having local adoption day events THIS SATURDAY in Alexandria, VA, Delavan, WI, and Downer’s Grove, IL, and this Sunday in Gurnee and Machensey Park, IL!  Come out and meet the beagles — and see if one of them has been waiting just for you!


2 Responses to Puppy Love!

  1. Susan K says:

    Oh, how I wish…. We had a beagle when I was a kid and she was wonderful. She nearly choked herself on the leash every single time we went for a walk (I’ve seen other beagles do this so it wasn’t entirely our inability to train!). And OOHHH the excitement that one time a rabbit was in the back yard. She was sweet and friendly and a lot of fun.

    But we aren’t home enough and it just wouldn’t be fair to bring a dog into a house where we are gone 11-12 hours a day….

    I hope they find homes!

  2. Sandy James says:

    Awww, it is a shame that i dont live in that area! I hope they find homes toooo!

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