Hope for Anissa

Have you heard about Hope4Peyton? Peyton is a little girl in Atlanta who has fought the same disease we do — cancer — but at a much, much earlier age. Peyton was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at age 3, and her mama chronicled the story of her fight — and her family’s fight — at a blog called Hope4Peyton.org. Together, they battled cancer, and won. Peyton just celebrated her one-year anniversary of the completion of treatment, and cheers were heard around the blogosphere, in support of her, and her mother, Anissa.

Tonight* the blogosphere is bustling again in support of Peyton, now 5, and her mom Anissa. But this time the worry is for Anissa. Anissa Mayhew, blogger, mom of 3, and founder of Aiming Low, suffered a stroke last night, and is in the ICU.

Anissa is not a mother with cancer. But she is a mother active in the cancer-fighting community, a blogger, a mama, and a force behind the Friends of Maddie that supported MamaSpohr with the loss of her beautiful child earlier this year. She’s good people.

She’s good people. And she’s fighting for her life in the ICU. Whether you see the blog posts, catch the tweets (tagged #prayersforanissa), or just feel a little something different in the air this week, think about her. Send her prayers, or thoughts, or healing light, or whatever is appropriate in your faith tradition, but please, think about her as she fights for her life this week. I will be. I’ll be thinking about her, about her three beautiful children, and how very, very much I want her to recover and be her smart-alecky self again.

Hope for Anissa. #prayersforanissa. Hope, indeed, for us all.

*Originally printed at Mothers With Cancer on November 18.  Please leave comments at Hope4Peyton, where her family will see them and be comforted.


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