100 words

This puppy is looking for a home in the Midwest.Christmas morning was bright and sparkly, a blur of colored lights, joyful music, ribbon and boxes to chew, and the children, of course, the children, who laughed and loved and snuggled the little puppy to their hearts’ content.  It was the best day of her life.

Soon, however, Christmas was put away, the children returned to school, busy with school plays and soccer practice, and life went on as it had before, for everyone except the little puppy.

It had been the best day of her life, she thought, watching the truck speed away, its taillights lighting the dusty road.

Puppies are heavenly, but please DON’T get one impulsively or give one for a gift this Christmas.   We see so many come into rescue when the bloom is off the rose — and that’s not fair, to your friend/family, or to the dog who finds herself by the side of the road.

This post written in response to Slouchy’s 100 word challenge.

5 Responses to 100 words

  1. slouchy says:

    Wonderful! So evocative! Thanks for playing.

  2. Elana Kahn says:

    Wow. That is incredible. And oh so true. I hope there will come a time when no dogs are put down just because there isn’t an owner for him/her.

    Here from Ungaming and Comment Chaining Part 4

  3. Sara says:

    😦 So sad. I never understood the whole “don’t give animals as gifts” thing as a kid, because I didn’t realize that someone could ever do something like that.

    It’s amazing how little people respect life.

  4. NYFriend says:


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