BREW’s Marie

BREW’s Marie is a 6 month old puppy, found wandering alone in West Virginia on Thanksgiving weekend.  She was brought to the shelter, given a warm place to stay, a bowl of nutritious food, and another of water.  Gentle hands cared for her, and soft voices murmured sweet things to this homeless dog, just one in a long line of strays to pass through the doors.

But there was no room for her to stay.  So rescue was called, and pictures and information were promised.  The footsteps she heard approaching her cell on Monday were coming for her, and I imagine she bent down a bit in submission and then followed the lady happily along, on leash, unsure where she was taking her, but glad at last to be with someone again.  For she loves people, and crawls into any available lap, ready to snuggle her way into yet another heart in hopes that she can stay.

Her crate sat on the porch for a rest, this I know, as I saw the picture, with the white rocking chairs in the background, and the strong arms around her, ponytail swinging in time with her ears, as the woman who held her tried to show her off to best advantage, tried to capture the girl’s personality, or at least make her look cute enough, young enough, adorable enough, adoptable enough for rescue to take a chance.

Rescue did take a chance on her.  BREW beagle rescue agreed to take her in, and a kind woman loaded her into the van and took her out of West Virginia to a vet’s office, full of dogs rich and poor who had come to stay for a night or a weekend.  A caring tech took her leash and brought her back to another warm place, with food, and water, and maybe a toy or soft blanket, and she went to sleep.

When she woke up again, it was to an empty bowl, for, as she would soon learn, she was scheduled for surgery that day.  At 6 months, there’s no reason to wait to be spayed, and so she was, quickly, carefully, with just the tiniest scar, no bigger than the mark that a human would have after the removal of a gall bladder or ovary.  And the rest of the day, she slept.

The next afternoon, more food, more water, and those footsteps again.  The tech was coming for her again, and she wondered what would be next.  She bent her head as the leash was slipped over her little neck, and walked slowly alongside through the swinging door.

But there, outside, there were new people to meet.  Not a woman this time, but a man, tall and handsome, and two little tow-headed boys, standing, waiting to meet — her?  They were here for her?

Yes, they were here for the little beagle.  They took the leash and offered her their hands to sniff, one by one, and then the boys and the beagle collapsed together in a fit of giggles and licks and kisses.

Two hours later, the minivan stopped at last, and the man carried the boys into the house gently and quietly, one by one, for they had fallen asleep on the long car ride home.  The beagle waited to learn her fate.  When the door was opened again, it was a woman this time.  It was only a second before the man joined her, and the woman opened the travel crate, softly cooing, and reached out her arms to the little beagle to carry her inside.

And it was there that the little beagle stayed most of the evening, while the little boys slept, safe in his foster mommy’s arms.  They snuggled each other, giving each other comfort, peacefulness, and hope about the future that was to come.

BREW foster beagle Marie

The beagle wondered if she would be staying here for long, or if she would soon be off again to other adventures, and perhaps a family that could be hers alone.

(rescue tags: good with kids, good with dogs, good with cats, crate trained, potties on leash, has a clue, good in car)

9 Responses to BREW’s Marie

  1. upsidebackwards says:

    Happy sigh.

  2. bja says:

    So adorable, and a tender story. Here’s hoping she finds her forever home very soon!

  3. Amy says:

    Oh geez… Of course you get the cutest puppy ever the SAME DAY that BJ is coming out there for a conference and some meetings.

    I’m asking… I’m asking…

    • WhyMommy says:

      Oh, Amy, don’t worry… there are always plenty of beagles needing homes. 😦

      If you do get sucked in, though I can tell you… I’m getting ANOTHER one this weekend, and I can help hook you up with rescue in your area too! (Although don’t you guys have the super-luxe humane society nearby?)

      • Amy says:

        We have a super-luxe humane society? In Indiana?

        I think I’ve decided not to go with the “backyard breeder” who had the super cute puppies. I need to talk to my husband about it, but then I’m going to post about it.

        Mainly, I’m not sure that I want to support someone who has over 20 dogs, mostly outside all year in cages with wire bottoms, regardless of how cute his puppies are. 😦

  4. WhyMommy says:

    BREW’s Marie is being adopted!

    She’s still at my house until Saturday, but she has a wonderful place to go Saturday morning, with a family who will love her forever.


  5. Kate says:

    Congratulations Marie, I wish you a happy home with lots of love.

  6. Tears in my eyes while reading at work. Can’t wait to get home and hug my two rescue dogs (an 11 y.o. beagle and a 12 y.o. beagle-daschund mix).

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