He’s so … two.

My baby is very … two.  Well, actually, he’s almost three by now, but oh, the twos!

He is confident.  Strong-willed.  Passionate.  and Just.

He LIVES in capital letters, throwing his whole heart, mind, and soul into every activity — and typically random body parts as well.

He greets the morning with gusto, proclaiming, “DAYLIGHT!” to wake the rest of us up to greet the dawn.

He eats breakfast as if he’d been fasting for days, not hours, with “second breakfast” and “elevenses” put away well before 9 a.m.

He plays passionately, creating little firehouse dramas, noodling over the sounds of the ambulance, and calling in the helicopters whenever “PEOPLE HURT!”

He loves his brother with all that he is, throwing himself at our five-year-old and asking for a ‘nuggle, or twisting his brother’s hair absentmindedly, or racing him up or down or around the house, with a jubilent “ME FIRST!” as they race into the kitchen.

He exercises his body — and our patience — with constant requests of “PLAY SOCCER?” and “CATCH BALL?” and “PRETEND BALL?” For he is so athletic at this age that he will happily batter up and hit imaginary baseballs for ten or twenty minutes at a time, if that’s all he’s allowed in places like waiting rooms and Grammy’s house.

He throws himself on the bench at lunch, clambering up to eat his sandwich (no crusts), or turkey (no bread), or pasta (no sauce), or chicken (YES, PLEASE!).

He protests that he needs NO NAP, MOMMY!, but happily climbs in bed anyway for a ‘nuggle and a story.

He insists on reading about tonka trucks and tough guy stuff, but then loves to hear adventure stories about the hobbit that mama and daddy read at night.  Or the quiet stories about the little rabbit and his mama.  Or the history stories, perhaps about the first Americans and how they learned to make do with what they could find, plant, or make.

He snuggles into my shoulder and sleeps like an angel.

And often, he puts me to sleep as well.

For he is gentle, my wild little boy.

He is quick to pat a shoulder or give a hug to comfort Brother over a skinned knee, insistent on MAMA when he bumps his head, and always, always at my side, ready for a quiet hug or a declaration like he made this morning, putting his hand on my arm, looking into my eyes, and saying, “MINE. [FOR]EVER.”

My Little Bear is turning three soon, and I know that I will miss  these twos.

10 Responses to He’s so … two.

  1. Niksmom says:

    He sounds like an utter delight (and handful!) at two. It can only get richer and sweeter at three. 🙂

  2. Susan K says:

    Oh… you might miss two. But you will get three. And four. When “PEOPLE HURT” might turn into “how does the ambulance make that noise?” and eating is accompanied by “look, the spoon is heavier (than the applesauce single serving container) so when I drop it in, it tips it over!” And you don’t just “make things” or “draw picture”, you “do projects” and “do science experiments”.

    So don’t worry too much about missing two.

    It just keeps getting better!!

  3. upsidebackwards says:

    Awww. I’m right with you. Fainjin is stubborn as a rock and sweet as an angel. Ask him what he wants for his birthday (this weekend!) and he will shyly look at you and say “Chokwit cake”. He’s outside with his Dad right now, living, as you say, in capital letters. Beautiful writing!

  4. We have just entered the twos over here…for the last time. I will try to cherish it as you have!

  5. Kelley says:

    oh babe. That is just a TASTE, a TASTE of 13-18.

  6. Agreed. The twos really give us the best of both worlds.

  7. Kristen says:

    You are a great mom!

  8. NYFriend says:

    Love the Tolkien references – we have “second breakfast” too. 😉

    You have me really curious – I’d love to hear a hobbit tale spun for a two year old! 🙂

    Twos are terrific, and threes (as you already know) are tremendous! I hope the early posters are right, that it just keeps getting better. I’ve loved twos, threes, fours, fives and soon-to-be sixes!

  9. I can only hope that the 3s will be just as wonderful as the 2s you have experienced with your strong-willed, passionate, wonderful, ‘nuggly little boy!

  10. Kerridwen says:

    I am blessed with a two year old as well, and “For he is gentle, my wild little boy” will be echoing in my heart when he slams into me asking for a “cuggle”.

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